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How To Select The Best Hypertrophy Exercises?

If you’ve been lifting for long enough, you’ve probably fallen into the trap of selecting exercises based on impressing your powerlifting friends even though you couldn’t care less about your powe...

Progressive Overload: The Foundation To Building Muscle

Whether you're looking to build muscle, get stronger, lose fat, or improve performance in any sporting discipline, there is one training principle you MUST be aware of – Progressive Overload. It's...

Is Overtraining Preventing You from Building Muscle?

With most sports, intensive training is required to improve performance. Bodybuilding, fat loss, weight loss; whatever your training for, it’s no different. It requires a lot of effort to achieve ...

3 Muscle Building Supplements You Need To Get Jacked

When you’re trying to get jacked you want all the gainz now, right?  Sure you do.  Everyone does. To do that, you need to focus on three basic things of muscle growth… A caloric surplus on workout...

Should You Train The Same Muscle Group More Than Once A Week?

Confused as to whether you should train a muscle more than once a week? Thinking it could potentially hinder your progress? Read our recent article to see whether you should be targeting a muscle group more than once every 7 days. View full article →
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