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The 7 Best Scrunch Bum Gym Leggings

December 20, 2023

The 7 best scrunch bum gym leggings

The scrunch bum gym leggings are the perfect leggings to show off the hard work you’ve been putting in and give you that extra confidence boost to feel like a queen in the gym.

As soon as you put them on, you’ll feel like a new woman. The leggings transform the backside giving you that sculpted roundness look you’re after.

The scrunch bum gym leggings have risen in popularity in the last year, mainly due to a number of celebrities being spotted wearing them, and they deserve all the hype their getting – they’re super flattering and squat proof, what more could you ask for.

With most clothing companies jumping on the bandwagon, it’s difficult to decide which pair to get your hands on. We’ve selected the best 7 scrunch bum leggings to make your decision that little bit easier.


What Are Bum Scrunch Leggings?

Bum scrunch leggings are leggings that have a ‘scrunch’ positioned at the start of the tailbone and rising to just below the waistband.

The cleverly placed scrunch enhances your bum cheeks and makes them appear bigger and rounder – not a bad thing ayy!

That still tick the ‘Must haves’ of any good pair of leggings (squat proof, not see through, don’t fall down) with the added benefit of being able to make you look amazing!

Warning though, you may end up spending the time you’re supposed to be working out taking belfies!  


The 7 Best Scrunch Bum Gym Leggings

Without further ado, let's jump into the best scrunch bum gym leggings on the market!


1. Contour Scrunch Leggings

Contour scrunch leggings - Charcoal

These seamless bum scrunch gym leggings are sure to get heads turning. Crafted using a unique blend of nylon and spandex they work wonders for the backside giving you the lift and shape you desire.

Not only do these scrunch butt leggings look great, like all Robor Fitness leggings - they pass the squat test. The rear contouring further accentuates the booty and the 4-way stretch fabric means you can workout in comfort.

We know you’ve been working hard in the gym building up the glutes, now it’s time to show them off.

Now available with matching shorts, sports bra, and crop top, the Contour Scrunch collection is sure to be your everyday go-to.

Price - £24.00

7 Colours available. Click to Buy


2. Crossover High-Waisted Leggings

Crossover high waisted gym leggings

Workout in confidence with the Crossover high-waisted leggings. The unique crossover waistband gives you that magical small waist look whilst the scrunch bum design perfects shapes the butt, what more could you ask for?

Squatting, running, rowing, deadlifting, no matter what you’re doing in your workout, the cleverly designed waistband ensures they’ll never roll down, leaving you to focus on the workout.

Made from the highest quality nylon/polyester blend ensuring these scrunch bum gym leggings are breathable, moisture wicking and stretchy. The camo print is just the icing on the cake.

Price - £16.99

8 Colours available. Click Here to Buy 


3. Tie Dye Scrunch Butt Leggings

Tie dye scrunch butt leggings

Spice up your workout wardrobe with the tie-dye scrunch butt leggings. If your current wardrobe is looking a bit bland, then these are the bum scrunch leggings for you.

Crafted with a nylon/elastane blend, these leggings feel like a second skin, they’re super comfortable. The high waisted design works wonders to flatten the tummy and provide that extra bit of coverage we’re after.

The scrunch butt design generously highlights the curves of the buttocks giving them the desired rounder peachy look. Squat test verified; you don’t need to worry about the leggings going see-through when you’re doing your booty-building squats.

Price - £21.98

6 Colours available. Click Here to Buy


4. Camo Seamless Butt Lift Leggings

Camo seamless scrunch bum leggings

You’ve been building your glutes in the gym, it’s now time to show them off. The camo seamless butt lift leggings effortlessly enhance the bottom. The soft nylon/polyester seamless material fits close to the skin without irritation and the high waistband can help provide some cover.  

The booty enhancing rear scrunch coupled with the high waist makes the leggings unbelievably flattering. Designed as a mid-compression legging, they are perfect for either running or performing your favourite glute building exercises.

The seamless waistband is wide so that it doesn’t roll up or dig into the skin and can help hide away any belly fat that you don’t want on show.

Price - £19.99

5 Colours available. Click Here to Buy


5. Honeycomb Scrunch Bum Leggings

honeycomb scrunch bum legggings

Taking your booty from looking good to looking amazing as soon as you put these leggings on. These scrunch bum gym leggings are crafted using a textured fabric that not only gives your booty an extra lift but hides any imperfections or cellulite.

Unlike other leggings, these leggings are built utilising a thicker material ensuring you’re never left embarrassed over ripped or see-through leggings; they got you covered in every department.   

The super-hot scrunch bum leggings are not only perfect for the gym, but you can get away with wearing them all the time. Going for a coffee? Just chuck em on.

Price - £16.99

20 Colours available. Click Here to Buy


6. Runched Bum Seamless Gym Leggings

Runched butt seamless gym leggings - grey

The ultimate classic scrunch bum gym leggings that get that booty poppin’. The polyamide/spandex material is extremely stretchy and the scrunched rear lifts the behind to create the desired peachy look.

Cleverly designed to enhance your assets, these workout leggings are the OG of scrunch bum leggings. The form-flattering simple design allows the leggings to be paired with any Sports-Bra, Crop Top, or T-shirt leaving you looking your best.

The 4-way stretch fabric provides a secure fit which shows and allows you to complete your workout without having to pull them up mid-session.

Price - £16.89

4 Colours available. Click Here to Buy


7. TikTok Scrunch Bum Leggings

TikTok Scrunch bum gym leggings

Shape, lift, and get that peachy booty look with the popular TikTok Scrunch leggings. Like the Honeycomb Scrunch Bum Leggings, these leggings utilise a textured material that helps to cover cellulite and imperfections.

The squat-proof material and the high waist design offer full bum and tummy control whilst keeping you snug yet moveable. Super stretchy, sweat-wicking, quick-drying; they tick all of the boxes when it comes to choosing the best gym leggings.  

The thicker material protects you from any embarrassing accidents, giving you full protection when going deep into the squat, and the unique material blend ensures you remain comfortable throughout the workout.

Price - £18.99

4 Colours available. Click Here to Buy


Best Scrunch Bum Leggings – Final say

Looking for that extra little confidence boost in the gym? The Scrunched bum gym leggings is your answer. They can magically transform the backside in a matter of seconds leaving you feeling a million dollars before you hit the gym.

It’s important to remember that although the leggings look unbelievable, they still need to pass the durability check. Each of our 7 favourite scrunch bum gym leggings are squat tested, sweat-wicking, quick-drying, non-see-through and comfortable – leaving you free for worry during your workout.

Bonus Tip 1

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Bonus Tip 2

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