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About Us


Ambition, Dedication, Passion & Persistence.

Robor Fitness is a sportswear line supplying clothing to ambitious athletes and fitness enthusiasts. We take great pride in our brand image and are all about working hard to achieve your goals. With ambition, dedication, passion, and persistence; anything is possible, there are no limits!

The Robor family welcomes everyone from a variety of different sporting disciplines, no matter what shape or size, everyone has to start from somewhere, and we are here to help you along your journey.

All of our fitness clothing is made from high-quality breathable materials, tried and tested by us during workouts so as to ensure the highest level of comfort is obtained. 

We were established and run by two regular, twenty year old, fitness enthusiasts with a passion for our products and the fitness lifestyle. We here at Robor take pride in our business model; and the fact that we are part of the fitness industry. We hope that by wearing our gym clothes you are motivated in your chosen fitness activity knowing that you are part of the Robor family.

Our goals are to become the UK's leading gym wear company, and supply the fitness industry with our elite brand of clothing, a brand you'll be proud to wear. 

We always love to interact with our customers, not only regarding our fitness range but in all aspects of fitness, from helping people to reach their goals to providing nutritional and workout tips. 

So anything you need to know ask away! - Via 'Contact Us' Page