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Is overtraining preventing you from building muscle?

With most sports, intensive training is required to improve performance. Bodybuilding, fat loss, weight loss; whatever your training for, it’s no different. It requires a lot of effort to achieve ...

Can fashion make you fitter?

I remember the first day Briana showed up for our training session. She was overweight and apprehensive about going to the gym. She would come to our sessions wearing an oversized baggy t-shirt and...

3 Muscle Building Supplements You Need To Get Jacked

When you’re trying to get jacked you want all the gainz now, right?  Sure you do.  Everyone does. To do that, you need to focus on three basic things of muscle growth… A caloric surplus on workout...

What you need to know as a student bodybuilder.

You’ve enrolled in college/university and you find out that a gym membership at your school is a part of your tuition (it is at most schools in America now). You know you should use it since you’re...

Should You Train The Same Muscle Group More Than Once A Week?

Confused as to whether you should train a muscle more than once a week? Thinking it could potentially hinder your progress? Read our recent article to see whether you should be targeting a muscle group more than once every 7 days. View full article →

5 Ways to Speed Up Workout Recovery

Perfecting your post-workout recovery is extremely important to ensure you can go again the next day. Take a look at these 5 things you should be doing to maximise your recovery efficiency. View full article →