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Promix Vegan Protein Review: The Best Vegan Shake?

June 16, 2024

Promix Vegan Protein Review By Robor Fitness


So, you've come across Promix Vegan Protein and are at the juncture of trying it or just letting it slide by. Good thing you're here! Our team, with a track record of testing over 70 protein shakes, is here to guide you through the maze of choices.

In this Promix Vegan Protein review, we'll break down everything from the quality of ingredients to taste and cost. So, stay tuned to find out if Promix Vegan Protein is worth the hype.


Promix Vegan Protein Review – The Details

Knowing what goes into your protein supplement is critical to optimizing your fitness results and dietary choices. Promix Vegan Protein has been buzzing in the fitness community for its plant-based formula, but how does it compare? Let's dive into the specifics to see whether this product can be a game-changer in your fitness lineup.


Protein Content and Macronutrients

Promix Vegan Nutritional Label

Promix’s vegan offering is high in protein. It has 25 grams of protein per 32-gram serving, which is a remarkable 78% in weight. Frankly, it is one of the best protein contents in a vegan protein shake and easily beats the benchmark of at least 20 grams of protein in a serving. As it turns out, this is the ultimate option for lending you a helping hand in achieving your daily protein intake goals.

Aside from the protein content, Promix Vegan Protein has a low-fat, low-carb body. It is purposely formulated this way to keep overall calories low, which is excellent for a product if you keep a watchful eye on your overall calorie intake.

Furthermore, each serving has 200% of your daily recommended Vitamin B12, which is very important for the body and something a vegan diet typically lacks. Vitamin B12 is essential for the functioning of the nervous system and the synthesis of red blood cells and DNA, so it is a crucial element in our health and recovery processes.


Protein Type and Quality

Promix Vegan Protein is made from Organic Canadian yellow peas, a unique, complete choice for those on plant-based diets. What makes pea protein so unique? It is a complete protein source. This means it contains all nine essential amino acids that your body cannot produce independently and must obtain from food.

Pea protein is an ideal base for any vegan protein shake because it's a complete protein, which is required to maximise muscle protein synthesis. Other popular plant proteins such as brown rice, pumpkin and sunflower seeds fall short in this department as they are lacking at least 1 of these indispensable amino acids.

Although considered a complete protein source, if we dive deeper into the amino acid profile we can see that pea protein is slightly low in the amino acid methionine. To overcome this shortfall, some manufacturers (Transparent labs Vegan for example) combine brown rice protein with pea protein as brown rice is high in methionine which can help plug the hole.

Having said that, each serving of Promix provides 4.2g of BCAA which is pretty solid for a vegan protein shake. If you prefer to get more towards the 5g mark, you could always increase the serving size slightly (and you’d still be cheaper than the competition!).


Quality Of Ingredients

Promix Vegan Ingredients

So, when it comes to the quality of its ingredients, the Promix Vegan Protein stands literally in the top 1% of all protein powders we've reviewed. Now, with five ingredients in the formula, it may be a good indication that we have a pure and effective product.

The formula includes organic Canadian yellow peas, organic cacao, organic cocoa, monk fruit, and vitamin B12 for quality and their contribution to the nutritional profile and flavor.

What’s the benefit of using organic products? Well, you can rest assure that the ingredients are not sprayed with synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, GMOs not used in the production, and, in most cases, the risk of harmful additives are largely reduced. This not only supports general health by providing cleaner nutrients but it’s also great in the sustainability and environmental department.  

Promix Vegan Protein contains no gums, fillers, or any other artificial additions and is perhaps the cleanest on the market now. This is why it gets our top score of 10/10 for purity and quality. Promix is definitely in the running for the best vegan protein powder on the market.


Flavourings and Sweeteners

The theme of brilliance in Promix Vegan Protein extends to its choice of flavorings and sweeteners. The makers of Promix have brilliantly avoided using artificial sweeteners, which is a huge plus point. According to a few studies, although they are well known for being low in calories, artificial sweeteners have been said to cause stomach upset and are sometimes associated with undesirable health effects (1).

Rather than opting for mainstream alternatives like Stevia, Promix has chosen monk fruit as its sweetener. The Monk fruit, Luo Han Guo, is a small, round fruit found natively in Southeast Asia. It is well known for its sweetness and being about 150 to 200 times sweeter than sugar. The sweetener from monk fruit is derived from the fruit's juice and is calorie-free, making it highly recommendable for those monitoring their calorie intake.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approves monk fruit sweeteners under the heading "generally recognized as safe."

Another study, dating back to 2013, reported that microsites could reduce oxidative stress associated with several diseases. This means that monk fruit is a healthier sweetening agent and might bring positive health effects if included in your diet. Promix vegan protein is easily one of the cleanest protein powders available on the market; it makes no compromises on quality and health benefits with these thoughtfully chosen sweeteners.



Where affordability is concerned, it goes without saying that Promix Vegan Protein is at the top. The 2.5-pound in-package Chocolate Vegan Protein Powder costs $44 for the 35 servings, which means the price per serving is $1.24. This is an amazing deal, considering this product is top-notch and contains quality ingredients – this is an absolute steal.

Making this price point even more impressive is the lack of artificial sweeteners and the inclusion of organic ingredients. The cost of these ingredients is usually passed along to the consumer, but Promix keeps the price wallet-friendly.

For those who use protein shakes more frequently and are looking to save even more, the 5LB bag is the better deal at $69, reducing the price per serving to $0.97. This makes the Promix Vegan Protein accessible and very economical without compromising quality.

The mark of competitive pricing and superiority sets value into the Promix Vegan shake.

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You've probably guessed it—Promix Vegan Protein doesn't fall short in the taste department either. During our testing, we specifically tried the chocolate flavor. Initially, we were a bit apprehensive, having had experiences with other pea proteins that avoided artificial flavorings and fell flat on taste.

However, it’s a completely different story with this product—it tasted great! The chocolate flavor is subtly executed; it’s neither overpowering nor mild, striking the perfect balance to truly enjoy the chocolate notes. This is a delicate achievement, especially in a market where many brands struggle to find the right level of flavor intensity without artificial enhancers.

Moreover, the sweetness level in Promix Vegan Protein is spot-on. Thanks to the natural sweetness of monk fruit, the product avoids the common pitfall of being too sweet or bland, which many competitors struggle with. Promix has indeed hit the nail on the head, delivering a pleasing taste that complements its nutritional benefits.


Available Flavours

Promix Vegan Protein has several flavors to cater to different tastes and preferences:

  • Chocolate: Rich and smooth, with organic cocoa to capture that real chocolate indulgence.
  • Vanilla: Light and creamy for those with sensitive taste who do not appreciate intense sweetness.
  • Unflavored: Ideal for making smoothies or recipes without altering the flavor.

While we haven’t yet tested the Vanilla flavor, if the chocolate flavor is anything to go by – we’re confident it’s going to be just as good! As for the unflavored, add your favourite fruit or veggies to craft a concoction that suits your preferences.


Brand Transparency

Promix has set the bar for brand transparency, a measure applicable to quality—and sourcing-conscious supplement users. They go further than most and publish amino acid profiles on their website and product labels. This is commendable openness, which is not common in the industry.

This transparency allows you to see what exactly you are consuming and how it affects your dietary targets. Above all, the amino acid profile aids in determining the quality of the proteins, allowing you to know how complete and adequate they are in supporting the muscle repair and growth process.

Promix's transparency in its approach places it up there with Garden of Life, a brand renowned for detailed packaging, and separates it from others, like Optimum Nutrition, who don't routinely offer such important information on their packaging.

This kind of openness helps gain consumers' trust and shows how confident Promix is about the quality and effectiveness of its product.


Third Party Testing

Promix Vegan 3rd Party test results


As you can see from the above image, Promix publishes the results of independent lab testing directly on its website, demonstrating a commendable and relatively rare level of transparency in the industry. This openness shows that Promix has nothing to hide and is committed to proving the safety and quality of its products.

Promix uses various testing methods to assess different aspects of its products, ensuring that each batch is not only effective but also safe for consumption. By making this data readily accessible, Promix goes above and beyond what many other brands do, setting a higher standard for consumer trust and product reliability.

This proactive approach allows consumers to verify Promix's claims about their products, reinforcing the brand's integrity and commitment to quality.



Promix vegan - Mixability testing


Everyone dislikes a lumpy shake, thus, a protein powder's mixing ability is a crucial component! We put the protein powder into a typical protein shaker with water and milk to assess the mixability of Promix Vegan Protein. The effects were great after just five seconds of shaking and pouring into a glass.

There were no lumps or clumps in the properly blended powder. It had a nice, velvety texture that made it a pleasure to sip. You can easily make a smooth shake at home, at the gym, or while you're on the go because of this easy mixability, which is a big benefit.

This seamless blend-ability highlights the quality of the powder and ensures that you're getting a pleasant texture along with the nutritional benefits, enhancing the overall drinking experience.


Customer Reviews

Promix Vegan Protein has garnered strong praise from customers across various platforms. On their website, the chocolate flavor has an impressive 144 reviews, averaging 4.8 out of 5 stars, while the vanilla flavor scores even higher, with an average of 4.9 out of 5 stars. These high ratings suggest that consumers are very satisfied with the taste and quality of these flavors.

However, we know it’s important to look beyond the manufacturer’s website to get a complete picture. Promix Vegan Protein has received 861 reviews on Amazon, averaging a solid 4.1 out of 5 stars. This is still a great score and indicative of widespread customer satisfaction.

It's worth noting that a number of the lower-scored reviews cited issues related to packaging rather than the product quality itself. This suggests that the protein powder meets or exceeds expectations for most users, reinforcing the product’s overall positive reception.

Such feedback from a broad user base provides valuable insights into the product’s performance in real-world conditions and underscores its effectiveness and popularity among its users.

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Brand Rating

Promix offers an A+ vegan protein powder and stands out as one of the best brands in the health and fitness market. Their commitment to "no artificial anything" is a testament to their dedication to clean, healthy ingredients. This means no glyphosate, gums, gluten, antibiotics, hormones, GMOs, or fillers, ensuring that what you consume is as pure as possible.

Promix is deeply committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility. They are a proud member of "1% for the Planet," contributing a portion of their sales to environmental causes. Furthermore, 94% of their ingredients are sourced from North America, reducing transportation distances and contributing to a 67% reduction in carbon footprint compared to similar brands. This commitment to local sourcing supports regional farmers and ensures fresher ingredients in their products.

Given their high standards for ingredient purity and environmental consciousness, Promix could easily be considered the best protein powder brand for those who value health and the planet.


The Final Say

Promix Vegan Protein is more than simply a supplement—it's evidence of what can be accomplished with contemporary nutrition when sustainability and health are given first priority. This product is notable for its remarkable protein content and premium organic ingredients, as well as its ethical commitments and nutritional advantages.

The brand is a great option for consumers who are concerned about their health and the environment because of its commitment to using "No artificial anything" and its major contributions to decreasing environmental impact. The incredibly positive feedback on a variety of platforms confirms the product's taste and efficacy.

Promix Vegan Protein is an excellent option for helping the environment and your body, whether you're a committed vegan or just trying to clean up your diet. In a crowded market of supplements, Promix shines brightly, truly reflecting what it means to offer the best protein powder for a healthier world.

All of that, plus it’s one of the most affordable supplements on the market – a true accomplishment.



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