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Best Squat Rack on Amazon: Shop With Confidence

April 10, 2024

Best Squat Rack On Amazon By Robor Fitness 

Are you looking to level up your home gym game? If so, getting your hands on a squat rack should be at the top of your priority list. The squat rack is one of the best pieces of gym equipment you can own. It opens a whole load of exercise that enables you to target multiple muscle groups.

Whether you're a seasoned lifter or just starting your fitness journey, having the right equipment is vital. In this guide, we've uncovered the best squat racks on Amazon that offer durability, functionality, and bang for your buck.

Say goodbye to endless scrolling and second-guessing – we've done the legwork for you. From power racks to folding options, we've got you covered with the cream of the crop. Let's explore these game-changing squat racks that are just a click away.


Best Squat Racks At a Glance

Before we proceed to a detailed breakdown of the best squat racks available on Amazon, let's take a glance at our top picks in each category. These heavy-duty racks offer stability, versatility, and durability, making them ideal for serious lifters looking to maximize their strength training.

Below is a comparison table showcasing the category and product names of the seven best power racks we'll be diving into:


Product (Click to jump to review)

Best Squat Rack

Mikolo Power Cage

Best Power Rack

Hulk Fit Series Gen 1

Best Folding

Mikolo Folding wall-mounted squat rack

Best Budget

Cap Barbell squat rack

Best Half Rack

Grind Chaos 4000

Best Compact

PasYou Squat rack

Best With Lat Pull Down

Major Lutie Power Cage


Best Power Rack on Amazon: Mikolo Power Cage

Mikolo power cage


Check Price on Amazon


Key Features

  • Price: $599.99
  • Weight Capacity: 1000lbs
  • Tube Size: 3x3 inch
  • Steel thickness: 12 gauge

Are you looking to take your home gym to the next level? Meet the Mikolo Power Cage, the ultimate solution for strength training enthusiasts. With its superior structure and robust design, this power rack is engineered to handle heavy loads and intense workouts, making it the best power rack option for serious lifters.

One standout feature of the Mikolo Power Cage is its 12-gauge steel mainframe, constructed with 3x3-inch square tubing. This sturdy construction ensures a maximum loading capacity of up to 1000 lbs, providing unparalleled stability and safety during lifts. With a spacious inside depth of 36 inches and assembled dimensions of 42''(L) x 46''(W) x 90''(H), this power rack offers ample space for a variety of exercises.

What sets the Mikolo Power Cage apart is its free attachment set, which includes everything you need to get started. From nylon safety straps and sandwich J-hooks to band pegs and storage pegs, this power rack has all the essentials for a comprehensive workout experience.

With its upgradability and unique design features, the Mikolo Power Cage offers endless customization options. Equipped with 1-inch holes and 2-inch hole spacing, this power rack allows for easy attachment of additional accessories such as dip bars, and lat pull-down attachments. Plus, the upgraded band pegs provide added versatility, allowing you to adjust resistance curves for advanced training.

At Mikolo, quality is their top priority. This power cage undergoes rigorous manufacturing processes, including laser cutting, robotic welding, and robotic painting, to ensure unmatched durability and performance. Elevate your fitness journey with the best power rack on the market and experience the difference with Mikolo.


  • Superior structure with 12-gauge steel and 3x3-inch square tubing
  • Impressive upgradability for customization with various attachments
  • Commitment to quality and durability throughout the manufacturing process
  • Affordable price point for such a heavy-duty power rack
  • The 4 uprights of the power rack make it more stable than a standard squat rack


  • It may be pricier compared to some other options on the market, but that’s due to the material and the high-quality manufacturing
  • Assembly may require assistance due to the weight of the rack


Best Squat Rack on Amazon: Hulk Fit Series Gen 1

Hulk fit Gen 1 Squat Rack


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Key Features

  • Price: $250.00
  • Weight Capacity: 800lbs
  • Tube Size:35x2.35in
  • Steel thickness: 14 gauge

If you're searching for the best squat rack to elevate your home gym, look no further than the Hulk Fit Series Gen 1. It is a versatile addition to any fitness enthusiast's repertoire, explicitly designed to enhance lower body strength through deadlifts, lunges, squats, and other explosive movements.

When it comes to usage, anchoring the unit to the ground is a breeze, with the option to utilize your existing weight plates. This ensures stability during even the most intense workout sessions. Athletes can use the rack for sport-specific strength training, including bodybuilding, martial arts, and more.

Constructed from heavy-duty 14-gauge steel with a powder-coated finish, our squat rack prioritizes durability and longevity. Inside the package, you'll find everything you need to get started, including the Pro Series Squat Stand, J hooks, pull-up bars, weight plate holders, spotter arms, and resistance band pegs. With clear instructions and all the necessary hardware included, assembly is straightforward and hassle-free.

With a weight capacity of 800 pounds and overall dimensions of 49.6” x 46” x 80.5”, the Hulk Fit Series Gen 1 offers ample space and support for various exercises. Every component is meticulously designed to meet your fitness needs, from the J hooks to the pull-up bars.

Upgrade your home gym with the best squat rack on Amazon: Hulk Fit Series Gen 1, and experience the perfect blend of functionality, durability, and versatility.


  • Versatile for various lower body exercises
  • Durable construction with heavy-duty steel and powder-coated finish
  • Includes essential accessories for a complete workout experience, including safety spotter arms
  • Easy to anchor to the ground with existing weight plates


  • The 2 upright design is not as stable as the 4 upright design of power racks
  • The holes are 4 inches apart which could result in awkward bar placement
  • The pull-up bar may be too low for the taller individual


Best Folding Squat Rack on Amazon: Mikolo Folding

Mikolo folding squat rack


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Key Features

  • Price: $379.99
  • Weight Capacity: 1000lbs
  • Tube Size:36x2.36 inch
  • Steel thickness: 13 gauge

Transform any empty wall into a world-class power rack with the Mikolo Folding Squat Rack, Amazon's best folding squat rack. Its space-saving design allows you to maximize your space without compromising your workout routine. Switch between storage and use in just 15 seconds, making it convenient for any home gym setup.

Built with 2.36”x2.36” 13 gauge steel uprights and textured powder coat paint, the Mikolo Heavy Duty Folding Cage is designed to handle up to 1000 lbs of weight. Whether you're doing squats,  bench presses, or rack pulls, this rack ensures stability and safety when lifting those heavier weights.

Mikolo doesn't stop there. You can enhance your fitness journey by upgrading the accessories, such as a quick-attach pull-up bar, J-cups with UHMW plastic inserts to protect your barbell, landmine attachment to target the back, and dip bars to hammer the chest and triceps.  

Installation is a breeze with Mikolo's included stringer and metal studs. Follow the straightforward instructions, and your wall-mounted weight rack will be ready in 15-30 minutes, with no complicated tools needed.

Enjoy peace of mind with Mikolo's one-year complimentary parts replacement service. Should you need assistance, their friendly customer service team is available 24/7 to help you every step of the way.


  • Space-saving design ideal for small home gyms
  • Heavy-duty construction can support up to 1000 lbs
  • Upgraded accessories enhance workout versatility
  • Easy installation process without complicated tools
  • One-year complimentary parts replacement service for peace of mind


  • It may not be suitable for users with limited wall space
  • Some users may find the initial installation difficult and time-consuming


Best Budget Squat Rack on Amazon: Cap Barbell

CAP Barbell Squat rack


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Key Features

  • Price: $155.66
  • Weight Capacity: 500lbs
  • Tube Size:36” x 2.36”
  • Steel thickness: 12 gauge

The Cap Barbell Squat Rack stands out for its affordability and quality when it comes to finding the best budget squat rack. With assembled dimensions of 46 inches wide x 50 inches deep x 85 inches high and a weight of 59.51lb, it offers a sturdy yet compact design suitable for home gyms of any size.

Constructed with 12-gauge steel tubing, this rack meets and exceeds ASTM testing standards, ensuring durability and safety during your workouts. Despite its budget-friendly price, it has a recommended maximum weight capacity of 500 pounds, making it suitable for the majority of gym enthusiasts.

One of the great features of the Cap Barbell Squat Rack is its built-in bar and weight storage, providing convenience and organization for your workout space – along with anchoring the rack down for added stability.

With a durable powder coat finish and industrial zinc hardware, this squat rack boasts exceptional maintenance-free durability, ensuring long-term reliability for your fitness routine. With over 30 years of experience in the fitness industry, CAP has established itself as a trusted brand worldwide, making this budget-friendly option a reliable choice for any gym enthusiast.


  • Affordable price point for budget-conscious buyers
  • Construction meets ASTM testing standards
  • Built-in bar and weight storage for added convenience
  • It's ideal for beginners
  • The pull-up bar is at 85inches which is great for people over 6ft


  • Limited weight capacity compared to higher-end models. The rack becomes a bit wobbly when working with heavier weights
  • It may lack some advanced features found in pricier options
  • Due to the lower weight capacity, the squat rack tends to wobbly when performing pull-ups


Best Half Rack on Amazon: Grind Chaos 4000

Grind Chaos 400 Half Rack


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Key Features 

  • Price: $599.99
  • Weight Capacity: 1000lbs
  • Tube Size: 3” x 2”
  • Steel thickness: 14-gauge

Are you ready to take your home gym to the next level? Look no further than the Grind Chaos 4000, the best half rack on Amazon. This powerhouse half rack is designed to easily handle the heaviest bench presses and squats, whilst saving on space - making it a beast in any home gym setup.

Safety is a top priority, which is why every Chaos 4000 includes safety spotter arms. These arms provide peace of mind when bench pressing or squatting alone, ensuring you can push your limits safely.

With heavy-duty weight pegs on the back of the rack, you'll have a convenient spot to store your weight plates. Each side features three evenly spaced pegs, accommodating various Olympic weight sets and plates while keeping your rack stable.

Built for the home gym enthusiast, the Chaos 4000 combines commercial-quality durability with features tailored for home use. From the multi-grip pull-up bar for chin-ups to the lined j-cups and numbered uprights, every detail is designed with your workout needs in mind.

Trust in Grind Fitness to provide durable gym equipment at a great price. Build your home gym confidently, knowing you're investing in quality equipment to support your fitness journey for years.


  • Heavy-duty construction makes for a rack that can handle up to 1000lbs
  • Safety spotter arms are included for added security
  • Convenient heavy-duty weight pegs for storage
  • Designed with features tailored for home gym use


  • Some may not have the room available for a half rack like this
  • Some users may find assembly challenging
  • The rack is wide, which means you don’t have much clearance on the J-hooks when re-racking the barbell


Best Compact Squat Rack on Amazon: PasYou

PasYou Compact Squat Rack


Check Price on Amazon


Key Features

  • Price: $549.99
  • Weight Capacity: 600lbs
  • Tube Size: 2x2 inch
  • Steel thickness: 14-gauge

Is space a concern in your home gym? Look no further than this best compact squat rack . Despite its small footprint, this squat rack is built to withstand moderate loads and provide a safe and stable workout experience.

One standout feature of the SR30 is its actual test max load. Constructed with 2” by 2” heavy-duty thickened steel, this squat rack can support up to 1100 lbs on the top (J-hooks) and 2645 lbs on the bumpers in factory tests. While the actual recommended capacity of the J-hooks is 600 lbs, it’s a piece of mind to know it’s been tested with higher loads.

Safety is paramount with the SR30. It features four bumpers (two for each side) for added stability during workouts. Screw-locked anti-slip pads ensure that the barbell bar stays secure, while solid steel perforations and three-full-sided wrapping provide additional stability and prevent wobbling.

With additional features such as damping screws, anti-slip pads, and barbell plate storage columns, the SR30 offers convenience and functionality for your home gym setup. Plus, with a one-year warranty and 24/7 professional customer support, you can purchase with confidence knowing that PasYou has your back.


  • It has a real test max load of up to 1100 lbs on the top (J-hooks) and 2645 lbs on the bumpers.
  • It offers 14 positions for J hooks and 7 positions for bumpers, allowing for versatile workouts.
  • The four bumpers and screw-locked anti-slip pads enhance stability and safety during exercises.
  • Damping screws and anti-slip pads ensure durability and protect the floor.


  • Some users may find assembly challenging due to the components and adjustments required.
  • The size may be too compact for users seeking a larger squat rack with additional features.
  • The rack is quite narrow which could make it awkward when squatting and benching in the rack


Best Squat Rack With Lat Pull Down: Major Lutie

Major Lutie Squat Rack With Lat Pull Down


Check Price on Amazon


Key Features

  • Price: $899.99
  • Weight Capacity: 700lbs
  • Tube Size: 2” x 2”
  • Steel thickness: 13 gauge

If you want to upgrade your home gym setup, let's talk about the Major Lutie Raptor F16. Picture this: it's 2024, and they've rolled out the new and improved Raptor F16 All-In-One power rack. What's new? They've beefed up the cable system, safety arms, storage carabiners, and more. It's like getting a souped-up version of your favorite car.

Now, onto the serious stuff. This beast is made of standard 2” x “2 13-gauge steel, ensuring your safety as you push your limits. With dimensions of 63” L x 44.2” W x 81.5” H and a max weight capacity of 700 lbs, it's got the strength to handle whatever you throw at it. Plus, those two support bars at the bottom? They're like the sturdy legs of a powerlifter, keeping everything rock-solid.

And let's not forget the attachments. J-Hooks, carabiners, safety arms – it's like Christmas morning for gym buffs. Bench presses, squats, deadlifts, bicep curls, lat pull downs, tricep extensions – you name it, this rack can handle it.

Major Lutie's mission? Simple. To create multi-functional, cost-effective cages for fitness enthusiasts like us. So, if you're ready to take your home gym to the next level, hop on the Raptor F16 train. Trust me; your gains will be great.


  • Affordable price point for a power rack with cable attachment
  • Includes essential attachments like J-Hooks and safety arms.
  • Robust construction with standard 2” x 2” 13-gauge steel.
  • It provides a max weight capacity of 700 lbs, and it is suitable for heavy lifting
  • The cable attachment unlocks a plethora of additional exercises


  • Additional attachments like the mines, band pegs, and dip bars must be purchased separately.
  • It requires assembly on arrival which can be quite difficult and take up to 8 hours
  • Limited information on warranty coverage and customer support.


Why Buy a Squat Rack on Amazon

There are many reasons why you may want to buy your favorite squat rack from Amazon. Let’s have a look at some of them:


Peace of Mind

When it comes to peace of mind, Amazon reigns supreme as the go-to e-commerce destination. With streamlined processes and a global reputation for reliability, Amazon ensures a stress-free shopping experience. Whether making a one-click purchase or contemplating a return, Amazon's customer-centric approach has covered you.

If your product arrives damaged, fear not – Amazon swiftly resolves the issue, ensuring you receive a replacement or refund without hassle. Missing pieces? Amazon's got your back, swiftly sorting out discrepancies to ensure you have everything you need to assemble your squat rack.

And if you have a change of heart about your purchase, Amazon's lenient return policy means you can return your squat rack with no questions asked. With Amazon, peace of mind isn't just a promise – it's a guarantee, making it the ultimate destination for savvy shoppers seeking convenience and reassurance.



As such a large company, Amazon can benefit from competitive, affordable prices. It's not uncommon to find squat racks on Amazon that are priced lower than those on the manufacturer's website. This cost advantage and the possibility of free shipping makes shopping on Amazon a budget-friendly choice for fitness enthusiasts.

Whether you're eyeing a top-of-the-line power rack or a budget-friendly option, Amazon's pricing structure often translates to significant savings for savvy shoppers. So, when it comes to stretching your dollar further without compromising on quality, Amazon emerges as the clear winner in the cost department.


Quick Shipping

Quick delivery driver

When buying with Amazon, you won't need to wait weeks for your product to arrive, like you would have to when purchasing directly from the manufacturer. With Amazon's efficient logistics network, squat racks often arrive within a few days or in some cases – the very next day.

This swift shipping isn't just convenient – it's a game-changer for those eager to set up their home gym without delay. Plus, the cherry on top? Most squat racks on Amazon come with free delivery, ensuring you can enjoy your new equipment without worrying about additional shipping costs.

With Amazon, quick shipping isn't just a perk – it's a standard, making it the ideal choice for those who value speed and convenience.



Convenience is king in shopping, and Amazon takes the crown with its seamless user experience. With most of us already having an Amazon account set up with our shipping and contact details saved, there's no need to fumble for our bank card or spend time typing in details when making a purchase. It may seem like a small difference, but customers appreciate the path of least resistance, and Amazon delivers just that.

Moreover, many of us are frequent shoppers on Amazon, making adding our favorite squat rack to our order effortless. With the recommendations in our article, you can easily find and add your chosen rack to your Amazon cart in no time. Say goodbye to the hassle of navigating multiple websites – Amazon streamlines the process, ensuring that your shopping experience is as convenient as it can be.


Hassle-Free Returns

Hassle free parcel returns

How often have you ordered something online, only to have second thoughts once it arrives at your doorstep the next day? With Amazon, that's not a problem. If you find yourself in that situation, you can simply return the product without questions and receive a refund.

Amazon's hassle-free return policy ensures that you can shop confidently, knowing you're not stuck with a purchase that doesn't meet your expectations. So whether you change your mind or encounter any issues with your squat rack, rest assured that Amazon has your back, making returns as effortless as the click of a button.


How to Choose The Best Squat Rack On Amazon

Selecting the ideal squat rack for your home gym amidst the myriad options available on Amazon can be daunting. However, fear not! We've compiled expert tips to assist you in making an informed decision.

From considering size and cost to evaluating weight capacity and safety features, we'll guide you through the essential factors to ensure you find the perfect squat rack to suit your needs. So, let's dive in and explore how you can confidently select the best squat rack on Amazon.



Before jumping in and buying your chosen squat rack, take a moment to measure the size of the space you have available. It's crucial to double-check the dimensions of the squat rack to ensure it will fit seamlessly into your home gym setup.

Once you clearly understand the space you have to work with, you can easily rule out any too large or bulky racks for your designated area. By considering size up front, you'll ensure that your new squat rack meets your fitness needs and fits perfectly into your home gym space, maximizing functionality and comfort.



Similarly to knowing the size you have to work with before beginning your search for the best squat rack on Amazon, it's essential to consider your budget. A clear understanding of your budget will enable you to narrow down your options and rule out any squat racks beyond your financial means.

Our round-up of squat racks on Amazon offers diverse prices, with options ranging from $155.66 to $599.99. By knowing your budget upfront, you can focus your search on squat racks that align with your financial constraints, ensuring you find the perfect balance between cost and features.

Whether you're looking for a budget-friendly option or willing to invest in a top-of-the-line model, having a clear budget in mind will streamline your shopping experience and help you make a confident decision.


Weight Capacity

Squat rack weight capacities


Before beginning our search for the perfect squat rack, it's essential to consider the weight capacity we'll likely be putting on the barbell. Pricier squat racks typically boast higher weight capacities, reaching up to 1000 lbs. However, if we know we won't be lifting anywhere near this amount of weight, we might be able to save some money by opting for a cheaper alternative that still offers sufficient capacity.

Take the Cap Barbell, for example – it can handle up to 500lbs, which is ample for many of us, and it is the most affordable option on the list. However, it's crucial to anticipate your future strength gains and opt for a squat rack that can accommodate heavier weights as you progress.

There's no point investing in a rack already at its limit with your current lifting capacity only to find yourself outgrowing it in just a few months. By selecting a squat rack with room for growth, you'll ensure that your investment lasts and supports your fitness journey over the long term.



The nature of a squat rack means that there are two uprights, and exercises are performed in front of the squat rack, with weight re-racked after each set. This setup poses a safety concern, mainly if one fails at the bottom of a rep, leaving no safety mechanism in place unless a spotter is present.

To address safety concerns, it's crucial to consider whether spotter arms can be fitted to the squat rack to provide support in case of failure during a lift. Alternatively, one may opt for a power rack, which differs from a squat rack by featuring four uprights. In a power rack, exercises are performed inside the rack, and safety cross members between the front and back uprights can be adjusted to catch the weight if a lifter fails on a rep.

While power racks offer enhanced safety features, they typically come at a higher cost due to their added complexity. When deciding between a squat rack and a power rack, evaluating factors such as available space, budget, and lifting experience is essential to ensure the chosen option meets both safety and practical needs.



Squat rack attachments


Many of the squat racks on our list are compatible with various attachments, offering versatility to enhance your workout experience. If you're interested in adding attachments to your setup, exploring the options for your chosen squat rack is essential.

We've observed that many brands manufacture attachments designed for 3x3-inch tubes, a common size among squat racks. This compatibility means that even if your preferred manufacturer doesn't offer the attachment you desire, you can shop around other brands to find the perfect addition to your setup.

Whether dip bars, landmine attachments, or pull-up bars, you're after, opting for a squat rack with attachment compatibility opens up a world of possibilities to customize your home gym according to your fitness goals and preferences. So, don't overlook the potential for attachments when selecting your ideal squat rack on Amazon.



Investing in gym equipment can be a significant financial commitment, and the last thing anyone wants is for their equipment to break down prematurely, resulting in a financial loss. Therefore, it's crucial to pay close attention to the warranty offered by the manufacturer before making a purchase.

Before investing your hard-earned money, take the time to review the warranty terms and conditions thoroughly. Ensure that you're comfortable with the coverage provided and any limitations or exclusions that may apply. A robust warranty can provide peace of mind, offering protection against potential defects or malfunctions that may arise.

By choosing a squat rack with a reliable warranty, you can rest assured that your investment is safeguarded, allowing you to focus on achieving your fitness goals without worrying about unexpected repair or replacement costs. So, before finalizing your purchase decision, consider the warranty terms carefully to make an informed choice that meets your needs and budget.


The Final Say

In home fitness, investing in the right squat rack can make all the difference. After delving into the world of Amazon's top offerings, it's clear that each product brings its own set of strengths to the table. From the robust stability of the Mikolo Power Cage to the space-saving convenience of the Mikolo Folding Squat Rack, there's something for every fitness enthusiast.

Whether you're seeking a budget-friendly option or a comprehensive all-in-one solution like the Major Lutie with its lat pull-down feature, Amazon offers a diverse range to suit your needs. With the convenience of quick shipping, hassle-free returns, and competitive pricing, Amazon is the ultimate destination for acquiring the best squat rack. So, take your pick, hit the weights, and confidently embark on your fitness journey, knowing you've made the right choice. 

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Thomas D


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