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Best Budget Squat Rack For Home Gyms: 2024 Update

April 16, 2024

Best budget squat racks article by Robor Fitness

An all-singing, all-dancing squat rack can set you back thousands of pounds. But hey, building your dream home gym shouldn't mean breaking the bank for just one piece of equipment. Especially when we're talking about squat racks – a true cornerstone in any gym setup.

You might think top-notch quality comes with a hefty price tag. Not quite true! While you won't get the bells and whistles of a $4000 commercial standard rack, let's be real – most of us don't need that level of extravagance.

We're here to let you in on a little secret: there are budget-friendly squat racks that tick all the right boxes without draining your wallet. We've scoured the market and found the best budget squat racks. They're not only affordable but also perfectly suited for your home gym. Get ready to transform your workout space without spending a fortune!


7 Best Budget Squat Racks for Home Gym At a Glance

Stepping into the world of home gyms, a squat rack is a game-changer for fitness enthusiasts. Not all squat racks, however, require a hefty investment. In this section, we spotlight the 7 best budget squat racks that are ideal for your home gym. These racks strike a balance between affordability and quality, ensuring you don't have to compromise on your workout goals.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced lifter, these options cater to various needs and spaces. Let's take a glance at these top picks that promise to elevate your home workouts without draining your wallet.



Product (Click to jump to review)

Best Budget Squat Rack

HulkFit Pro Series 1

Best Budget Power Rack

HulkFit Pro Series Power Cage

Best Budget Half Rack

SunHome Power Cage

Best Budget Folding Squat Rack

Synergee 2200 Series

Best Budget Compact Squat Rack

PasYou Squat Rack

Best Budget Squat Stands

Yes4All Squat Rack Stands

Best Budget Smith Machine

Spart Smith Machine


Best Budget Squat Rack: Hulkfit Pro Series Squat Stand

Hulk fit squat rack, yellow


Check Price HulkFit


Key Features

  • Weight capacity: 800 pounds
  • Price: $250.00
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Size: 49.6 x 46 x 80.5 inches
  • Additional features: Pull-up bar, J hooks, weight plate holder, and multiple resistance band pegs.

When it comes to the best squat racks, the HulkFit Pro Series Squat Stand is a standout choice, especially for those watching their wallets. This rack isn't just about saving a few bucks; it's about getting a powerhouse at a price that won't make your wallet weep.

First off, let’s talk strength - this thing can hold up to 800 pounds. That's like squatting a small bear (not that we recommend trying that). It's built with heavy-duty 14-gauge steel and a powder-coated finish, so it’s tough enough to handle your most intense workouts. Plus, it’s decked out with high-density rubber for that extra durability.

The size is just right, fitting comfortably in most home gyms without dominating your space. Its dimensions (49.6” x 46” x 80.5”) are like the Goldilocks of squat stands – not too big, not too small.

The squat rack comes with a set of J Hooks, two pull-up bars, weight plate holders, and resistance band pegs. This means you're not just limited to squats, but can perform an array of exercises to target multiple muscle groups.

Want to flex those muscles with some pull-ups or anchor your ship with weight plates? No problem. The squat rack enables you to hit legs, back, shoulders, and pretty much every muscle in between.

So, whether you're lunging into fitness or squatting your way to glory, the HulkFit Pro Series Squat Stand is the budget-friendly champ you need in your corner.


  • Moderate-high weight capacity: Supports up to 800 pounds, catering to both beginners and seasoned lifters.
  • Versatile use: Ideal for a variety of exercises beyond squats, like lunges, deadlifts, and pull-ups.
  • Sturdy construction: Made with heavy-duty 14-gauge steel and high-density rubber, ensuring durability.
  • Compact size: Fits well in most home gyms without taking up too much space.
  • Comes with additional accessories, adding value to the purchase.


  • Assembly: Some assembly is needed, which might be a bit challenging for some.
  • Space requirement: While compact, it still requires a dedicated space in your home gym.


Best Budget Power Rack: HulkFit Pro Series Power Cage

Hulk fit power cage, yellow


Check Price HulkFit


Key Features

  • Weight capacity: 800 pounds
  • Price: $329.00
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Size: 88 x 44 x 47 inches
  • Additional features: Customizable with optional lat pull down, low row attachment, and cable crossover machine attachment

The HulkFit Pro Series Power Cage is like the unsung hero of the best power racks, especially for those on a budget. It's the perfect centerpiece for any home or garage gym, providing high-end features without the high-end price tag.

With a robust weight capacity of 800 lbs, this cage is ready for almost anything you throw at it – squats, rows, pull-ups, you name it. It's like a playground for adults who love to lift. And let's talk about safety – this power cage offers a secure environment for your workouts, even when you're pushing your limits. It's like having a personal spotter, always ready to back you up.

For those who love a bit of customization, this cage steps up the game. Optional add-ons like the Lat Pull Down, Low Row attachment, and Cable Crossover Machine mean you can tailor it to suit your workout style. It's like having a gym that grows with you.

In essence, the HulkFit Pro Series Power Cage is not just the best budget power rack; it’s a versatile, safe, and customizable option for those looking to enhance their strength training at home. It’s a reminder that you don’t need to empty your pockets to get a quality workout. So, if you're looking to flex your muscles without flexing your budget too much, this power cage is your go-to gym buddy.


  • Versatile workout options: Supports a variety of strength training exercises, enhancing workout diversity.
  • Solid weight capacity: Can handle up to 800 lbs, catering to most lifting requirements.
  • Customization options: Can be upgraded with additional attachments for varied workouts.
  • Safety: Provides a secure environment for exercising, especially when lifting heavy.


  • Assembly required: Some assembly is needed, which might be a bit complex for some users.
  • Additional cost for extras: While optional add-ons enhance functionality, they come at an extra cost (Which is to be expected in all honestly).


Best Budget Half Rack: SunHome Squat Rack

Sunhome half rack lifting cage black and red


Check Price on Amazon


Key Features

  • Weight capacity: 500 pounds
  • Price:$279.99
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Size: ‎85 x 42.4 x 46.9 inches
  • Additional features: Weight plate storage, dip bars, pull-up bar, and barbell holder

The SunHome Squat Rack, a standout in the realm of affordable squat racks, brings a whole new level of strength training to your home gym. The half rack design with additional braces at the back of the rack massively enhances the stability of the rack to eliminate the chances of it toppling over. 

The rack features 28 adjustable height positions for both the J-cups and spotter arms, making it a breeze to switch from squats to bench presses or any other exercise you fancy. It's like having a personal trainer who adjusts to your workout whims.

The built-in storage is a neat touch too. Those 4 weight plate posts and 2 barbell hooks mean no more tripping over scattered weights. It's like having a tidy little home for your weights and barbells – because who says a home gym can't be organized?

The cherry on top? A one-year warranty and lifetime service. It's the safety net you need, ensuring your investment is protected. So, if you're looking to beef up your home gym without emptying your wallet, the SunHome Squat Rack is worth considering.


  • High versatility: 28 adjustable positions allow for various exercises.
  • Stability: The half rack design increases stability and minimizes the chances of the squat rack toppling over
  • Built-in storage: Keeps your workout space organized and safe with weight and barbell storage.
  • Warranty: Comes with a one-year warranty, providing peace of mind for your investment.


  • Assembly: Some assembly is required, which could be challenging for those not used to setting up gym equipment.
  • Weight Capacity: While a 500-pound weight capacity is enough for most, powerlifters and advanced lifters may be after something that can handle larger weights.


Best Budget Folding Rack: Synergee 2200 Series

Synergee folding squat rack


Check Price at Synergee


Key Features

  • Weight capacity: 750 pounds
  • Price: $299.95
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime*
  • Size: 79 (or 95) x 44.5 x 21 (or 41) inches
  • Additional features: J Cups and an adjustable pull-up bar

If you're in the market for the best folding squat rack that marries strength and space-saving design, the Synergee 2200 Series is your match made in Gym Heaven. Think of it as a Transformer - robust when in use, discreet when it's not.

With a 750 lb capacity, this rack is not lightweight. It's like telling you, "Go ahead, load up those extra 45s on the bar. I've got you." This is the kind of encouragement we all need on leg day. Built with gussets and highly durable steel, it's ready to support your heaviest squats and your ambitious PRs.

Now, let's talk about space efficiency. This rack is wall-mounted, which means it's a real space-saver. When you're not channeling your inner Hercules, it folds back flush against the wall. It's like having a gym that magically disappears, leaving your space clutter-free.

It comes equipped with J Cups and an adjustable pull-up bar, making it a versatile addition to your workout regime. Whether it's squats, presses, or pull-ups, this rack has got you covered.

The Synergee 2200 Series is more than just a squat rack; it's a space-conscious, strength-training powerhouse. And yes, some assembly is required, but think of it as a pre-workout warm-up. The instructions and necessary hardware are all included, so you'll have it up and ready in no time.

In short, for those who want the strength of a traditional squat rack but need to optimize space, the Synergee 2200 Series stands out as the best budget folding squat rack. It's the perfect solution for transforming any area into a multi-functional workout zone, and then back to a living space, all without breaking the bank or your back.


  • Space-saving design: Wall-mounted and foldable, ideal for limited spaces.
  • Sturdy build: Made with durable steel, ensuring longevity and safety.
  • Decent Weight Capacity: The 750lb weight capacity is more than enough for 99% of the population.


  • Assembly required: Installation needed, though instructions are clear.
  • Wall-mounted limitations: Requires a solid wall for mounting, not suitable for all spaces.


Best Budget Compact Squat Rack: PASYOU Squat Rack

PasYou compact squat rack


Check Price on Amazon


Key Features

  • Weight capacity: 600lbs
  • Price:$199.99
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Size: 58 x 43 x 36 inches
  • Additional features: barbell plate storage, anti-slip pads

In the world of the best compact squat racks, the PASYOU Squat Rack is a little powerhouse. Think of it as the small but mighty hero of your home gym, offering a blend of strength and space-saving efficiency without stretching your budget.

This rack's strength is no joke. With a max factory-tested load of 1100 lbs on the J-hooks and a whopping 2645 lbs on the bumpers, it's like the Hercules of compact racks. For safe use, it's recommended to stick to 600 lbs on the J-hooks and 1800 lbs on the bumpers, which, let's be honest, is still more than most of us will ever need.

Safety is a big deal for the PASYOU rack. It boasts four bumpers (two on each side) for a stable and secure lifting experience. The anti-slip pads on the J-hooks mean your barbell isn't going anywhere it shouldn't, and the solid steel construction ensures everything stays firmly in place. The fact that when squatting the bumper safeties are always beneath you gives you peace of mind that you’re safe, which is not something you get with every squat rack.

The PASYOU Squat Rack isn't just about lifting heavy. It's also about smart features like anti-loose, wear-resistant damping screws, floor-protecting anti-slip pads, and handy barbell plate storage columns. Plus, with its compact size, it's perfect for those who want a full-fledged workout without dedicating an entire room to their gym equipment.

To wrap it up, if you're looking for a rack that's small in size but big on features and safety, the PASYOU Squat Rack is your go-to. It's a testament to the fact that great things come in small packages. And with a year's warranty and reliable customer support, it's a worry-free addition to your home gym. So go ahead, lift heavy, lift safe, and maybe, just maybe, make a little room for that extra dumbbell you've been eyeing.


  • Stable and safe: Equipped with four bumpers and anti-slip pads for secure workouts.
  • Compact design: Perfect for space-limited home gyms, especially when height is the limiting factor
  • Additional storage: Includes barbell plate storage columns.


  • Assembly effort: Requires some setup, though instructions are provided.
  • Limited warranty period: Only one year, which may not suffice for heavy users.


Best Budget Squat Stands: Yes4All Squat Stands

Yes4all squat rack stands


Check Price on Amazon


Key Features

  • Weight capacity: 500lbs
  • Price: $95.99
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Size: Adjustable bracket height (43” to 62”) and width (28” to 46”)
  • Additional features: Weight plates storage peg, dip handles

Are you on the hunt for an affordable yet sturdy squat stand? Look no further than the Yes4All Squat Stands, the crème de la crème of budget squat stands. It's like finding that rare gem in a sea of overpriced gym equipment.

These stands are not just wallet-friendly; they're built to last. Made of solid steel, they can hold up to 500 lbs, which is pretty impressive considering their cost.

What sets these stands apart is their thoughtful, ergonomic design. The adjustable bracket height and width make them a great fit for users of all sizes – it's like they're giving you a personalized gym experience. Plus, the safety locking system ensures that your workout is as safe as it is intense.

But safety isn't just about sturdy brackets. The non-slip pads on these stands mean you can squat, press, and lift without worrying about any unexpected sliding. It's the kind of stability that gives you peace of mind, whether you're pumping iron indoors or taking your workout to the backyard.

And let's not forget about convenience. With an 8” long storage peg on each side, storing your weight plates is a breeze. It's like having a tiny, organized home for your plates, ready for your next workout.

The Yes4All Squat Stands are a top-notch choice for those seeking the best in-budget squat stands. They're strong, adjustable, and safe – all without making your wallet sweat. Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned lifter, these stands are a smart addition to your home gym, proving that great things indeed come in small (and affordable) packages.


  • Durable construction: Solid steel material supports up to 500 lbs, which is good for stands
  • Adjustable design: Height and width are adjustable, accommodating users of various sizes.
  • Safe and secure: Features non-slip pads and a safety locking system for stable workouts.
  • Storage convenience: Includes storage pegs for weight plates, enhancing organization.


  • Outdoor use caution: While suitable for outdoor use, care is needed to prevent weather-related wear.
  • Stability: Stands are not as stable as squat racks, half racks or power racks


Best Budget Smith Machine: Spart Smith Machine

Spart smith machine for weightlifting


Check Price on Amazon


Key Features

  • Weight capacity: 500 pounds
  • Price: 399.99
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Size: 81 x 44 x 51 inches
  • Additional features: Pull-up bar, storage bars, compatible with both standard and Olympic weights

When it comes to the best Smith machines, the Spart Smith Machine is like the heavyweight champion, minus the heavyweight price tag. It's like finding a treasure chest in the world of home gyms.

This machine is no flimsy piece of equipment. Made from heavy-duty tensile solid steel, it can handle up to 500 lbs on the bar. The storage bars aren’t just for show; they add stability so you can safely squat the heavier weights.

The Spart Smith Machine is versatile with its barbell accommodating both 1-inch standard and 2-inch Olympic weights. It's like being bilingual in the language of weights. The adjustable heights with seven settings make it a friendly giant, catering to users of various statures.

As with most squat racks nowadays, this Smith machine also comes with pull-up bars opening up upper-body workouts as well as lower-body workouts.

Choosing Spart means not just getting a quality Smith machine but also enjoying peace of mind with a 2-year warranty. And with their customer service team just a message away, it's like having a gym buddy who's always got your back.

If you’re not familiar with a smith machine, it’s similar to a squat rack but the barbell is fixed onto sliding rails that can only go up and down. This makes it a perfect choice for beginners who haven’t yet mastered free weights but are looking to progress through their fitness journey. The smith can help you build your baseline strength and learn vital movement patterns that can be transferred onto free weights when you're ready.

Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s just for beginners though! After 12 years of training, I have found myself using a Smith machine more and more. It is great because it reduces the demand for stabilizing muscles so that you can focus your full attention on the muscles you’re trying to target. This is perfect for providing the all-important muscle-building stimulus.

The Spart Smith Machine is the go-to for those who want to push their limits without pushing their budget. It’s a powerhouse that’s tough, adaptable, and ready to take on whatever workout you throw at it. So, go ahead, challenge yourself – the Spart is ready for it.


  • Versatility: Compatible with standard and Olympic weights, plus adjustable height settings.
  • Pull-up bar included: Enhances upper body workout options.
  • Storage convenience: Integrated storage bars for weight plates.
  • 2-Year Warranty: Provides a reassuring guarantee of quality and service.


  • Sizeable footprint: Requires a significant amount of space in a home gym.
  • More expensive: While it’s a super affordable variant in the smith machine market, it’s more expensive than the other squat racks in our list


How to Choose the Right Squat Rack

Choosing the right squat rack for your home gym is more than just picking the cheapest or the one that looks the best. It's about finding a balance between your fitness needs, the space you have available, and, of course, your budget.

In this section, we'll guide you through the key factors to consider when selecting your affordable squat rack. This will ensure you make an informed decision that enhances your workout routine and fits seamlessly into your home gym. Let's dive into what makes a squat rack the right choice for you.



When it comes to finding the perfect squat rack, the first step is to establish your budget. Being clear about what you're willing to spend is crucial. It sets the stage for your entire search process. By defining your budget upfront, you can immediately filter out options that are beyond your financial reach.

This approach not only saves time but also helps in focusing your search on squat racks that align with your financial constraints. Remember, a budget-friendly squat rack doesn't mean compromising on quality; it's about finding the best value within your price range. So, start with a clear budget in mind, and you'll be well on your way to discovering a squat rack that meets both your fitness needs and your wallet.

Purchasing from Amazon is also a nifty hack, as often the racks on Amazon are actually cheaper than buying directly from the manufacturer! 

Graph comparing the costs of the best budget squat racks


Weight capacity

How heavy are you planning on lifting? This is a critical question to ask yourself when selecting a squat rack. The weight capacity of a rack is a key factor, especially if you're serious about your lifting. While all the squat racks in our list boast a minimum capacity of 500lbs, which suits the needs of about 95% of users, powerlifters or those aiming for heavier lifts might need more.

It's essential to double-check the weight capacity of each rack before making your purchase. We've made this easier for you by listing these details in the key sections of each product. Ensuring the rack can handle your lifting goals not only guarantees safety but also ensures the longevity of your equipment.



Before embarking on your quest for the perfect squat rack, it's vital to consider the size of the space you have available. Knowing the exact dimensions of your workout area is a crucial step. This knowledge allows you to immediately rule out any racks that won't fit in your designated space. There's no point in falling in love with a rack only to find out it's too large for your home gym.

We've made this step easier for you by listing the sizes of each squat rack in the key details section of each product. By matching the rack's size with your available space, you ensure a seamless fit that enhances your home gym, rather than causing logistical headaches. So, grab that tape measure and start planning – a well-fitting squat rack is key to a comfortable and effective home workout environment.


Squat Rack or Power Rack

When deciding between a squat rack and a power rack, understanding the differences between the two is crucial. This choice often boils down to the space you have and your lifting experience.

A squat rack, typically more compact, is an open structure with a set of uprights. It's ideal for basic squats and bench presses. However, it offers less in terms of safety features compared to a power rack. Power racks, on the other hand, are larger, enclosing structures. They come with safety bars or straps, making them a safer choice, especially for new lifters. When you work out inside a power rack, these safety features can catch the bar if you fail a rep, reducing the risk of injury.

For beginners or those lifting heavy weights, a power rack might be the better option. It not only offers more safety but also allows for a wider variety of exercises. However, it requires more space. To delve deeper into this topic and understand more about these differences, check out our detailed comparison below.

Ultimately, your choice should align with your experience level, safety needs, and available space. Both options have their merits, and the right one for you depends on your specific home gym setup and fitness goals.

Squat Rack Vs Power Rack article
Read Article



We are on a budget, and the last thing we want is for the squat rack to break without the protection of a warranty. A good warranty can be a lifesaver, especially when investing in gym equipment. Before making your purchase, it's crucial to double-check the warranty details. Ensure that the terms and coverage meet your expectations.

A warranty not only offers peace of mind but also reflects the manufacturer's confidence in their product. It's a sign of quality and commitment to customer satisfaction. So, take a moment to review the warranty specifics for each squat rack. This step is key in safeguarding your investment and ensuring that your budget-friendly choice remains a cost-effective one in the long run.


Safety Features

Squat rack safety features


When considering a squat rack, it's crucial to evaluate its safety features. Some racks come with these features as standard, while others may require an additional purchase. Especially for those who often work out alone, these safety elements are not just extras; they are essential.

Power racks often offer options like safety slings and tube safeties. These features provide a safeguard during heavy lifting sessions, catching the bar in case of a failed rep. For squat racks, the equivalent safety attachment is typically a spotter arm. Before finalizing your decision on a squat rack, check whether it includes spotter arms or if they need to be acquired separately.

Investing in some form of safety attachment is highly advisable. It not only enhances the safety of your workouts but also provides confidence while lifting heavier weights. This consideration is particularly important for solo gym-goers, as it can significantly reduce the risk of injury. Safety should always be a top priority in your home gym setup.


Additional Features

When assessing the value of a squat rack, it's essential to consider any additional features that come with it. These features can significantly enhance the functionality of a basic rack, transforming it into a versatile, multi-purpose gym powerhouse.

Additional features to look out for include safety attachments, which are vital for secure lifting. Weight storage options can help keep your gym space tidy and organized. Dip handles are great for upper body workouts, while landmine attachments offer a range of rotational exercises targeting different muscle groups. And a pull-up bar? That's an excellent addition for those aiming to develop upper body strength and improve their bodyweight exercises.

These extras can elevate a standard squat rack into a comprehensive workout station, enabling you to target multiple muscle groups effectively. While considering your budget, also weigh the potential benefits of these features. They might initially seem like luxuries, but in the long run, they could offer more value and variety in your workouts, making your investment even more worthwhile


Bonus Tip

Here's a bonus tip that could be a game-changer for your home gym setup: consider pairing your squat rack with a weights bench. This simple addition can unlock a plethora of new exercises, vastly enhancing the versatility of your workouts.

Lusper adjustable weight training bench


Check Price on Amazon


Think about it: training chest? Position the bench under your squat rack for bench presses. Targeting shoulders? The bench is perfect for seated shoulder presses. If you're focusing on the glutes, use the bench for hip thrusts. For back workouts, it's great for rows. And for those crucial ab exercises, a bench provides the ideal platform for sit-ups.

Let's not forget about leg workouts. Add a challenging dimension to your routine with Bulgarian split squats using the bench. Essentially, an adjustable bench ranks second on our list of home gym essentials for good reason. When combined with a squat rack, it allows you to safely and effectively train a wide array of muscle groups. This combination is not just about expanding your exercise repertoire; it's about maximizing the effectiveness and efficiency of your home gym.



What Is the Difference Between a Squat Rack and a Power Rack?

A squat rack is typically an open, simpler structure designed primarily for squats and bench presses. In contrast, a power rack is a more enclosed setup with safety bars, allowing for a wider range of exercises and added safety, especially for heavy lifting.


Can I Use a Budget Squat Rack for Heavy Lifting?

Yes, many budget squat racks are designed to handle significant weight loads. However, it's crucial to check the specific weight capacity of the rack you're considering to ensure it meets your lifting requirements.


Are Budget Squat Racks Safe for Home Use?

Safety in squat racks depends on the build quality and proper use. Most budget squat racks are built with safety in mind, but always ensure they are correctly assembled and used as intended.


How Much Space Do I Need for a Squat Rack in My Home Gym?

The space required depends on the size of the squat rack. Measure your available space and compare it with the dimensions of the rack you're considering. Remember to account for additional space around the rack for safe and comfortable use.


Is It Worth Investing in Additional Features for a Squat Rack?

This depends on your workout needs. Additional features like pull-up bars, dip stations, and weight storage can enhance the functionality of a squat rack. Consider what exercises you plan to do and if these features align with your fitness goals.


The Final Say

Whether you're setting up a home gym for the first time or looking to upgrade, choosing the right squat rack is crucial. Our roundup of the best budget squat racks highlights options that blend affordability with quality, safety, and versatility.

From compact designs to power cages, each product caters to different needs and spaces, ensuring there's something for everyone. Remember, a squat rack is an investment in your fitness journey, so consider the features that align with your goals. With the right choice, you'll not only enhance your workout experience but also ensure safety and longevity in your home gym. Happy lifting!

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