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7 Best Home Glute Machines (That Actually Work)

December 20, 2023

Best home glute machines article

Going to the gym regularly can be difficult for some people for numerous reasons. Not only can a membership be quite expensive, but the gym can also be quite intimidating for newbies. On top of that, the gym can be super busy and the daily trip can waste precious resources, whether it be time or gas money.

Luckily, you don’t need a gym membership to see results! With minimal equipment, you can build a nice butt from the comfort of your own home. Let’s check out the best home gym glute machines that will actually help you achieve your goals!

Table of Contents
Best Overall – Coba Board
Most Versatile – Barbell and weights
Best all in one – 8 in 1 machine
Best for advanced lifters – Squat Rack
Best for hip thrusts – Hip thrust machine
Most affordable – Bar and resistance bands
Best space saver – Adjustable dumbbells


7 Best Glute Machines for Home

Without further ado, here are our favourite home glute machines that will help you build the booty of your dreams at home, ranked by category.


Coba Board – Best Overall

coba board

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Taking versatility, efficiency, space requirements, as well as cost into account - the Coba Board comes out at the very top as the best overall home glute machine. The unassuming board is scientifically proven to enhance your workout, as the 7% incline allows you to activate your glutes to a higher degree than when performing the same exercises on a flat surface. As a result, it’s a perfect match for those who want to build the booty.

The board is equipped with a resistance band that provides constant tension throughout the exercise. The resistance is adjustable, so you can use it no matter your current fitness level. Whether you’re a beginner or an elite athlete, the Coba Board can help you strengthen your posterior chain muscles, namely the glutes.

The board’s ergonomic design allows you to perform all the main compound exercises, such as deadlifts, squats, hip thrusts, donkey kicks and glute extensions. Not sure where to begin? Download the free app and find inspiration with dozens of workout plans, exercises, and classes led by professional trainers.

Why stop at the glutes? The design allows you to also use the board to train arms, abs, and chest. Overall, the Coba Board is a great, all-in-one home workout machine that will help you achieve your fitness goals and build the booty of your dreams!


Barbell and Weights – Most Versatile

Barbell and weights

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Although it’s not a machine per se, let’s not underestimate the power of simple barbells and weights as stepping stones to reaching your fitness goals. They are an indispensable part of any gymgoer's routine, and a key component to the majority of glute exercises, such as deadlifts, Romanian deadlifts, hip thrusts, and Bulgarian split squats, among many others.

The versatility of a barbell is unparalleled, so why not make it a part of your home workout routine? Not only will utilizing a barbell with weights allow you to strengthen your glutes, but you can also use it to train every other muscle group. As a result, it allows you to perform full-body workouts with just one piece of equipment.  

On top of that, unlike some machines, barbells allow you to build up weight as you progress and become stronger. Consequently, they’re practical for all levels of fitness - and the sky’s the limit! If you aren’t a fan of fancy equipment, a barbell with some weights will help you achieve muscle hypertrophy in no time


8 in 1 Machine – Best All-in-one

8 in 1 glute machine

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If you want to build more than just the glutes, then this machine has got you covered. This 8 in 1 machine offers everything you need for a full lower-body workout. It is primarily used for training the glutes, legs, and abdomen, but you can easily expand on that, making it a full-body machine by adding resistance bands.

This home glute machine is truly one of the best all-in-ones on the market. Not only does it allow you to train your whole body, but it is also lightweight and portable. If you don’t have a lot of space to dedicate to equipment, you need this 8-in-1 machine.

There are numerous glute exercises that you can do with the 8 in 1 apparatus, including the sissy squat, glute kickbacks, and the glute ham developer (not many machines have this capability) - all of which are amazing for your lower glutes and hamstrings. The machine allows you to perform these exercises safely and comfortably, reducing the risk of injury and offering better gains.

Whether you’re a beginner or an elite, this all-in-one will make sure you reach your fitness goals. 


The Squat Rack – Best for Advanced Lifters

Squat rack

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If you’re already familiar with the ins and outs of glute building and want to take your training to the next level, your best option is the Squat Rack. As an elite, you’ll likely be working with heavier weights that are no longer safe to lift over the head and onto the shoulders. That’s where the squat rack comes in! It allows you to squat safely with heavy weights, reducing the ever-present risk of serious injury.

Keep in mind that deep squats remain one of the best exercises for glute growth (1). On top of that, a squat rack is multifunctional - allowing you to train your abs, chest, legs, and arms. With added support and stability, as well as height adjustability - this popular piece of gym equipment may be the perfect addition to your home routine. 


Hip Thrust Machine – Best for Hip Thrusts

Home hip thrust machine

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Hip thrusts have proven to be an elite exercise for glute activation and muscle building (2). They also activate your hamstrings and quads, making them a great compound exercise. Although hip thrusts could be done on a simple bench, it’s difficult to ensure proper form and height.

As a result, when it comes to home glute machines, a simple yet effective approach is the hip thrust machine. This home glute machine comes with a set of 3 resistance bands, each providing 50 lbs of resistance for a total of 150. If you found yourself in pain from putting a heavy barbell on your pelvis, a hip thrust machine will fix that!

On top of that, this machine is collapsible and lightweight, making it highly portable and easy to store away. It also comes with armrests and detachable cushions, ensuring maximum comfort and preventing distractions throughout the exercise. If hip thrusts are your preferred exercise, a hip thrust machine takes your training to the next level! 


Bar and Resistance Bands – Most Affordable

Bar with attachable resistance bands

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All right, let’s be honest - spending hundreds of dollars on home glute machines may not be viable. Rest assured that less can be more, even when it comes to weight training. As a result, if you’re looking for an affordable way to build your glutes at home, look no further than this Bar with resistance bands.

The steel bar is padded with soft, anti-slip foam that improves safety and comfort. The bar comes with 2 bands of different resistance, allowing you to adjust according to your goals. On top of that, the kit is highly portable and takes little space - making it a great addition if you don’t have a lot of room to dedicate to permanent equipment.

Don’t be tricked into thinking this is an entry-level piece of kit. Research has shown that working with resistance bands can provide similar results to classic weight training (3). If you’re looking to build a booty on a budget, you can’t go wrong with this set!


Adjustable Dumbbells – Best Space Saver

Adjustable dumbbells for home workout

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If you haven’t noticed a trend with our list, we’ll let you in on a little secret - adjustability is crucial when it comes to home glute workout equipment. Gyms have the privilege of choice, and it’s important to replicate that in your home. Increasing resistance is crucial for muscle hypertrophy, and that’s why we recommend these adjustable dumbbells as an addition to your workout.

The dumbbells are adequate for many glute exercises, such as dumbbell deadlifts, reverse lunges, Bulgarian split squats, etc. The anti-slip ergonomic handle allows for a strong grip, increasing comfort and ensuring your grip doesn’t fail before your glutes do. Since this set effectively features five dumbbells in one, it fits into any space requirements while providing all the necessary resistance for strength and mass gain.



To sum things up, you don’t need a gym membership to build the booty you’ve been dreaming of. Whether you’re a novice or an avid gymgoer, you can achieve gains from the comfort of your home. Assess your current requirements and choose the perfect equipment from the list above.

Nevertheless, our recommendation for the best home glute machine is the Coba Board. If you’re looking to build a great butt, this ergonomic board is the way to go. Given its size and resistance, it fits into any fitness plan, but also in any space - making it an ideal addition to your home workouts.

Happy glute building! If you’re struggling to find exercises that effectively target the glutes, check out our ‘Build Muscle’ section where we cover the best glute exercises and how best to perform them! 

Thomas D
Thomas D


Thomas is a dedicated fitness enthusiast with over 12 years of experience in the gym. As a level 2 qualified gym instructor, he combines his passion for working out and nutrition to help others achieve their fitness goals. Thomas stays up to date with the latest fitness research and follows the work of top experts in the field. With a balance of textbook knowledge and real-life experience, he provides practical guidance to help others reach their full potential.

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