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Best Squat Wedges, and How They Help

January 08, 2024

Best squat wedge review by Robor Fitness

Have you ever tried squatting with a wedge? No, we're not talking about those wedges you wear to a fancy party; we're diving into the world of squat wedges! These nifty devices are a game-changer for your leg workouts. Here's why:

  • Safety First: A squat wedge helps ensure you're doing those squats in the safest manner possible.
  • Comfort Zone: Say goodbye to discomfort! With the right squat wedge block, every squat feels like a dream.
  • Enhanced Performance: This isn't just a chunk of rubber. A wedge for squats can elevate your squat game (pun intended!) to professional heights, and can help improve quad growth

Whether you're a gym newbie or a squat pro, stick around as we delve into the top 5 squat wedges on the market. You might just find your perfect match!


How the Squat Wedge Helps Our Squats

As the name suggests, the role of the squat wedge is to help us, well, squat. While there are many other ways to make use of the squat wedge (more on this later), the primary reason for its invention is to help us get into that deeper squat position whilst maintaining good form.

Many people struggle to go below parallel when it comes to squats because they lack the ankle mobility to do so. As a result, people tend to perform half squats, or they continue to the deeper position but sacrifice their form which can often lead to nasty injuries.

Often people who don’t have the necessary mobility required to squat deep tend to develop something branded as the ‘Butt wink’ when they try to go deep into the squat.

This is not good. The bend in the lower back places a huge amount of pressure on the spine and can leave you with a painful injury (speaking from experience!). The weight from the barbell on your back is no longer going through your quads, it’s been shifted to the lower back taking the brunt of the load; so you can imagine how it is to pick up an injury.

Take a look at the below example, you can see that when squatting to parallel the back remains nice and straight, but as soon as you break parallel the butt tucks or ‘winks’ under the pelvis.

A lack of mobility is one reason you may develop a butt wink, but it’s not the only reason. Reasons such as stability, limb length, and bone structure can also play a part in whether we have a butt wink or not. Some of these factors we can’t influence, but the important thing is that if we have a butt wink or struggle to get into the deep squat position, it would be good if we had a training aid that could help us.

And that’s where the squat wedge comes in.

The squat wedge allows us to squat deeper without risking injury. The wedge means that we can maintain a neutral spine and keep our chest up throughout the entire movement.

Take a look at the diagram below. The limb lengths and angle at the ankle remain the same, but the movement pattern drastically changes.


Squat wedge benefits diagram


If the person on the right tried to drop any deeper into the squat, ankle mobility would mean their knees would not be able to track any further over the toes and their hips would go further backwards.

This would shift the centre of gravity backwards and force the athlete off balance. To compensate for the backwards shift, the butt would likely tuck into the spine in an attempt to regain balance – which is good because we won’t fall backwards, but bad because we’ll experience a butt wink.

If you’re someone who struggles to hit depth on their squat without the dreaded butt wink, then opting for a squat wedge is the right choice for you.

Plus, if you're on a mission to grow the glutes, research has shown that squatting below parallel improves muscle hypertrophy to a greater extent than the half squat! 


The 5 Best Squat Wedges Ranked

Navigating the bustling market of squat wedges can be overwhelming. With so many options, how do you find that perfect piece that fits your needs?

Don't sweat it! We've sifted through countless reviews, done the legwork (literally and figuratively), and compiled a list of the crème de la crème of squat wedges. Whether you're on a budget, looking for durability, or just want the best bang for your buck, we've got you covered.

Let's get started with our top picks!


The Slant Ramp: Best Adjustable Squat Wedge

Tib Bar Guy Squat Wedge


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When we first tried out The Slant Ramps, it was evident that they weren't just another set of squat wedges. They truly stand out as the best adjustable squat wedge in the market, and here's why.

First and foremost, the sheer range of exercises you can execute with these ramps is impressive. From ATG Split Squats to Jefferson Curls/Lengthening Deadlifts, these wedges fit seamlessly into diverse workout routines. Their adjustability, ranging from a slight 22° to a more pronounced 35°, allows users of all experience levels to customize the angle to their comfort and needs.

In terms of build and durability, The Slant Ramps win big. Made from commercial-grade steel, they promise to be your long-term workout companion. The high-quality non-slip grip tape ensures that stability is never compromised, no matter how intense your session gets. This robust construction has been tested up to a whopping 800 lbs, so even the most ambitious weightlifters can confidently rely on these wedges.

Moreover, these ramps aren't just for elite trainers or professional athletes. They're for everyone - whether you're a seasoned bodybuilder, a budding fitness enthusiast, or just someone aiming to boost leg strength and flexibility. Their compact size and convenient travel bag make them ideal for home workouts and gym sessions.

The specs alone speak volumes:

  • Lightweight at 10 lbs, making them portable and user-friendly.
  • Ample shoe area size of 9.5x5.5" to accommodate various foot sizes.
  • Non-slip floor protectors that maintain grip and protect your workout surface.
  • A sleek black powder coat finish that adds a touch of elegance to its functionality.

The Slant Ramps are not just a tool but an upgrade for anyone keen on elevating their squat game. Their adjustability, combined with top-notch durability and a comprehensive feature list, makes them our top choice for the best adjustable squat wedge.


MIRUN Squat Wedge: Best Affordable Squat Wedge

Mirun Squat Wedge


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The quest for affordability without compromising on quality can be pretty challenging in the world of fitness gear. When we laid our hands (and feet!) on the MIRUN Squat Wedge, we knew we hit the jackpot. This squat heel wedge doesn't just come with an attractive price tag; it's also packed with features to give you an edge during your workouts.

Here's the scoop on why the MIRUN stood out:

  • Performance Boost: The wedge's primary purpose isn't just about giving you a slight elevation. It's strategically designed to improve the mobility of ankles, knees, and buttocks. Using this foot wedge for squats ensures you maintain the correct posture, making every squat count. Plus, it alleviates unnecessary pressure from the lower back and joints, making squats a less daunting task.
  • Safety: We were genuinely impressed with the safety features. The protrusions on the contact surface grip your shoe firmly, ensuring no slips. And the added rubber anti-slip pads provide that extra security, especially if you're pushing those heavy weights.

But there's more to this squat wedge block:

  • Customization at Its Best: The separate heel design means you can choose the width that best suits your stance. And with clear 1-inch and 2-inch height markings, you can adjust for maximum comfort.
  • Stellar Portability: No need to be tethered to one place. With its compact size and protective pouch, taking this exercise wedge for squats on the go is a breeze.
  • Versatility: It's not just a simple squatting tool. Whether you're delving into deep squats, Bulgarian Split Squats, or even a Yoga stretch, this multifunctional wedge has your back (and legs).

To sum it up, the squat wedge benefits offered by MIRUN are vast:

  • Enhanced core strength
  • Reduced injury chances
  • Customizable width and height
  • Multifunctional uses for comprehensive leg workouts

If you're on a budget but aren't willing to skimp on functionality, the MIRUN Squat Wedge might be the perfect addition to your fitness regimen.


Wolf Wedge: Best 2-Foot Squat Wedge

Wolf squat wedge


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While trying out various squat wedges, we came across many that cater to individual foot designs. But when we stumbled upon the Wolf Wedge, it was clear that this was the go-to for those looking for a seamless, 2-foot design. Here’s why we believe the Wolf Wedge stands tall (or, rather, inclines perfectly!) in this category.


One and Done

The 1-piece design is an absolute game-changer. No more aligning two separate wedges or worrying about consistency. With the Wolf Wedge, you throw it down and are ready to rock your workout. The simplicity here cannot be understated.


Size Matters

Coming in at a generous 27" width, this squat wedge ensures you have ample room for a wide range of exercises. For those who love taking on wide-stance squats, this wedge promises stability without the fear of misstepping. It's this breadth that genuinely stands out and gives you the freedom to move confidently.


But wait, there's even more to love about this:

  • Bonus Workout eBook: The inclusion of an 8-week workout eBook is the cherry on top. It's detailed, structured, and tailored to leverage the benefits of the wedge. A simple scan of the QR code, and you're armed with exercises to elevate your routine.
  • Just the Right Angle: With a 15-degree incline, the Wolf Wedge offers versatility. This wedge provides the optimal lift from your regular squats to your toes, elevated split squats, and even lunges.
  • Built for Life: Don't be fooled by its lightweight nature; it's crafted from sturdy crosslinked polyethene. Not only is it durable enough for intense sessions, but it's also convenient to store and transport.

If you're after a 2-foot squat wedge that combines efficiency, durability, and optimal design, then the Wolf Wedge is a no-brainer. It's transformed our squat sessions, and we're confident it'll do wonders for yours too.


UNMERA Squat Wedge Block: Best Lightweight Squat Wedge

Unmera squat wedge


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As enthusiasts who often switch between multiple routines, having a portable and lightweight squat wedge is essential. Enter the UNMERA Squat Wedge Block: our top pick for those who prioritize weight and portability without compromising on function.

The UNMERA Squat Wedge Block isn't just about helping you nail those heel-elevated squats. It's designed to enhance your leg strength and hip flexibility and safeguard against muscle strains and knee injuries. Whether you're into weight lifting, yoga, or simply stretching, this wedge is helpful in various workouts.

A few standout benefits include:

  • Optimal Training Assistance: The wedge ensures non-professional athletes can carry out high-load exercises without unnecessary stress on the lower back. Moreover, it offers improved ankle and hip flexibility and bolsters knee stability.
  • Safety First: The design of the squat wedge for heel-elevated squats is mainly aimed at preventing any untimely falls during your intense workouts.

But what truly won us over is its construction. Made of high-density cork, this wedge is environmentally friendly and non-slip. Cork's natural properties make it resistant to odor, moisture, and wear, ensuring durability in the long run. The rough surface texture is a boon, offering stellar grip while you squat.

Its dimensions and weight make it a traveler's delight. Each set comprises two cork squat wedge blocks, and together, they weigh a mere 1.6 lbs. Yet, these blocks are formidable, collectively holding up to a whopping 1400 lbs. It's incredibly easy to stow away in a backpack, making it a breeze to carry for workouts on the go.

Lastly, the brand's 100% satisfaction guarantee is the icing on the cake. Tested rigorously for quality, the UNMERA Squat Wedge Block solidifies our belief in its capability, making it a reliable companion for all fitness enthusiasts.


Catalyst ProWedges: Best Heavy-Duty Squat Wedge

Catalyst pro squat wedge


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There's a reason many of us on the team swear by the Catalyst ProWedges when it comes to intense, heavy-duty workout sessions. If you've ever needed a robust, fail-proof squat wedge that stands the test of time and weight, then you're looking at the gold standard right here.

To begin with, these ProWedges aren't just designed for squats, though they excel in that department. We've utilized them for many exercises, from Poliquin Step-Ups and Jefferson Curls to Kneesovertoes Split Squats and Calf Raises. And here's a little secret: align them, and voilà, you have a slant board perfect for narrower squat variations, like front squats.

But where the Catalyst ProWedges genuinely shines is in their construction. Forget rubber or cork; these are precision-engineered entirely from steel, a testament to their heavy-duty nature. And speaking of heavy, these wedges can handle over 1,200 pounds of force. We've tested them rigorously, and they've never once buckled under pressure.

Mid-workout, the last thing anyone needs is to worry about slipping. The Catalyst ProWedges come equipped with an anti-slip design — a coarse grip tape surface that works just as well, whether barefoot, in socks, or wearing shoes. Plus, those rubber bumpers on the underside? They ensure the ramps remain steadfastly in place, even during the most vigorous of exercises.

A feature we particularly love, and find invaluable, is the slot for resistance bands. This feature allows for enhanced variable resistance during training, a boon for those wanting to mix things up.

With a satisfaction guarantee backing the product, there's little room for hesitation. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or just a fitness enthusiast, if heavy-duty is your mantra, the Catalyst ProWedges is the squat wedge for you.


Other Uses For the Squat Wedge

As we alluded to earlier, while the primary benefit of the wedge is to help us hit ass to grass squat depth safely, there are other ways to utilise the wedge.

Romanian Deadlifts – If you’re looking to upgrade your Romanian deadlifts then we’ve got the tip for you. Simply stand on the wedge by putting your toes on the thickest part of the block and your heel on the thinnest part. This will place the hamstrings into more of a lengthened position so that when you descend into the deadlift you can feel an almighty stretch. Not only will this feel good, but placing the hamstrings in the lengthened position under load has been found to have positive effects on hamstring growth.

Lunges – Similarly to how the wedge allows your knees to track further over your toes during the squat, you can experience the very same benefit with the lunges. Simply set up the wedge as you would with the squat, and feel the quads burn as you perform your new and improved lunge variation.

Calf Raises – The squat wedge is also a perfect calf raise platform. By standing with your toes on the thickest part of the wedge, you have successfully increased the range of motion of your calf raises and can now drop lower than parallel as the floor being there is no longer stopping you. 



Finding the perfect squat wedge can feel like navigating a maze, but knowing the ins and outs of the top options can help guide the way. From the adjustability of The Slant Ramp to the affordability of MIRUN, the vastness of Wolf Wedge, the lightweight charm of UNMERA, and the heavy-duty resilience of Catalyst ProWedges—each brings its unique flair to the fitness table.

The right choice will inevitably hinge on your needs, workout intensity, and budget. But one thing is sure: equipped with the knowledge from our hands-on experience, you're now better poised to make an informed decision.

Here's to elevating your squat game and achieving those fitness milestones with the ideal wedge by your side! Happy squatting!

Thomas D
Thomas D


Thomas is a dedicated fitness enthusiast with over 12 years of experience in the gym. As a level 2 qualified gym instructor, he combines his passion for working out and nutrition to help others achieve their fitness goals. Thomas stays up to date with the latest fitness research and follows the work of top experts in the field. With a balance of textbook knowledge and real-life experience, he provides practical guidance to help others reach their full potential.

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