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Best Grass Fed Whey Protein: 2024 Review

April 18, 2024

Best Grass Fed Protein Powder By Robor Fitness


Are you on the hunt for the best grass-fed whey protein this year? Look no further! Whether you're a gym enthusiast or just starting your fitness journey, the right protein supplement can help you work towards your fitness goals.  

In this 2024 review, we've scoured the market to bring you the top picks in grass-fed whey protein. Each product is carefully evaluated to ensure you get the most out of your workouts and recovery. Get ready to discover your new go-to protein source, perfectly tailored to your fitness needs and lifestyle. Let's jump right in and explore the best options available!


Best Grass Fed Whey Protein: 2024 Review At a Glance

Let's take a quick snapshot of the standout grass-fed whey protein products of 2024. This overview will give you a concise glimpse of each category's top pick, making your choice simpler and more informed. Here's a handy table to guide you through our selections:


Product (Click to jump to review)

Best Overall

Legion Whey+ 

Best Without Artificial Sweeteners

Transparent Labs

Best Without Stevia

Nakey Whey 



Best Budget



Muscle Feast 

Best Organic

Garden Of Life


Each of these products has been selected for its outstanding qualities in its respective category, ensuring you get the best quality, value, and health benefits.


Best Overall Gass Fed Whey Protein: Legion Whey+

Legion whey protein


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Key Features

  • Serving size: 29 grams
  • Protein per serving: 22 grams (75%)
  • Price per serving: $2.00
  • Carbs: 3 grams
  • Fats: 0 grams
  • Suitable for vegans: No

Legion Whey+ is the top choice in our search for the best grass-fed whey protein. Crafted carefully, each scoop of this premium whey isolate delivers a rich chocolate flavor from the finest dairy farms in Ireland. These farms are known for their grass-fed, hormone and antibiotic-free cows, ensuring a pure and natural product.

What sets Legion Whey+ apart is its commitment to natural, healthy ingredients. This non-GMO, lactose-free, and sugar-free formula is perfect for those on a low-carb diet, offering 22g of protein with only about 100 calories per serving. It's not just about the quantity but the quality of protein that matters. Packed with essential amino acids, including BCAAs, it's ideal for muscle growth and recovery.

We appreciate how Legion Whey+, founded by fitness expert Mike Mathews, aligns with our clean, practical nutrition values. It's more than just a protein powder; it's a testament to a healthier lifestyle, free from artificial ingredients and added sugars. Mix it with water or your favorite milk for a delicious, nutritious boost to your fitness routine.


  • Made from 100% whey protein isolate for higher purity and digestibility.
  • Free from hormones, antibiotics, GMOs, lactose, and sugar, catering to health-conscious individuals.
  • It’s rich in essential amino acids and BCAAs, aiding muscle growth and recovery.
  • Sourced from grass-fed cows on Irish dairy farms, ensuring quality and ethical practices.


  • It may be priced higher than some conventional whey protein powders.
  • Limited flavor options compared to other brands.


Best Grass Fed Whey Protein Without Artificial Sweeteners: Transparent Labs

Transparent labs grass fed protein powder


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Key Features

  • Serving size: 33 grams
  • Protein per serving: 28 grams (84%)
  • Price per serving: $1.97
  • Carbs: 1 grams
  • Fats: 0 grams
  • Suitable for vegans: No

Are you searching for the best protein powder without artificial sweeteners? Transparent Labs 100% Grass-Fed Whey Protein Isolate is your answer. This naturally flavored, clean protein powder, free from artificial sweeteners, food dyes, gluten, and preservatives, stands as a testament to purity in supplementation.

Transparent Labs offers an impressive 28g of protein per serving, sourced from grass-fed, grass-finished American dairy cattle. This high protein-by-weight ratio is ideal for those looking to maximize their protein intake without the added sugars or fats. It's not just about the quantity of protein but also its quality. The inclusion of all nine essential amino acids ensures a balanced approach to muscle protein synthesis, supporting your muscle-building and fitness goals effectively.

We've experienced firsthand how this protein powder is light on the stomach and easy to digest, eliminating common issues like bloating and gas. It's a game-changer for those who have struggled with digestive discomfort from other protein sources. Transparent Labs has genuinely created a product that not only aids in recovery and strength gains but also respects your overall health and digestive well-being.


  • Free from artificial sweeteners, gluten, and preservatives, ensuring a clean and natural product.
  • Contains all nine essential amino acids, promoting balanced muscle development.
  • Easy to digest, minimizing common digestive issues associated with protein powders.


  • Has limited flavor variety due to the absence of artificial sweeteners.
  • It's fairly expensive compared to other brands


Best Grass Fed Whey Protein Without Stevia: Naked Whey

Naked whey protein


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Key Features

  • Serving size: 38 grams
  • Protein per serving: 25 grams (65%)
  • Price per serving: $1.59
  • Carbs: 8 grams
  • Fats: 3 grams
  • Suitable for vegans: No

If you are looking to indulge in the best protein powder without stevia, Naked Whey is your go-to choice. This product stands out with its minimalistic approach, containing only three ingredients: 100% grass-fed pure whey protein, organic chocolate, and organic coconut sugar. It's a breath of fresh air for those wary of long ingredient lists, as it's free from artificial sweeteners, colors, GMOs, soy, and gluten.

Nakey Whey's commitment to quality is evident in its sourcing from small U.S. dairy farms, ensuring non-denatured whey rich in essential amino acids and clean protein. The cold processing technique used in its production means you're getting whey in its purest form, free from chemical detergents or synthetic additives.

With 25g of protein, and 6.0g of BCAAs per serving, it's not just about what's left out of Naked Whey, but what's packed into it. The solid amino acid profile (with an impressive 3g of leucine) helps to kick-start recovery post-workout and maximize muscle protein synthesis (the process of building new muscle fibers).  

Its subtle chocolate flavor, courtesy of organic ingredients, blends perfectly with water or milk and even lends itself well to baking high-protein recipes. Nakey Whey is more than just a protein supplement; it's a versatile addition to a health-conscious lifestyle.


  • It has only three natural ingredients, which ensures a clean and straightforward formula.
  • Sourced from small U.S. dairy farms for high-quality, grass-fed whey.
  • Offers 25g of protein and 6.0g of BCAAs per serving, supporting muscle growth.
  • Cold processed to maintain purity and avoid chemical contamination.


  • It is limited to chocolate flavor, which might not appeal to all tastes.
  • Slightly higher sugar content due to organic coconut sugar.


Cleanest Grass Fed Whey Protein: Promix

Promix grass fed protein powder


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Key Features

  • Serving size: 44 grams
  • Protein per serving: 31 grams (70%)
  • Price per serving: $2.26
  • Carbs: 9 grams
  • Fats: 5 grams
  • Suitable for vegans: No

Let's be honest: finding the cleanest protein powder can be a challenge, but Promix Whey Isolate Protein Powder rises to the occasion. This product is a paradigm of purity in the protein supplement world, aligning with the highest ingredient quality and safety standards.

Promix stands out for its commitment to whole food-based ingredients. The grass-fed whey is rich in natural antioxidants, while sunflower lecithin boosts phosphatidylcholine levels, enhancing absorption. The chocolate flavor is derived from organic Cocoa, and using coconut sugar as a sweetener adds a subtle sweetness and keeps the glycemic index in check.

What sets Promix apart is its 'seriously clean' approach. It's free from gluten, soy, GMOs, hormones, antibiotics, refined sugar, artificial sweeteners, stevia, gums, fillers, and bleach. This meticulous attention to detail is evident in every scoop, offering a lightly sweetened chocolate flavor that's both delicious and easy to blend.

With 94% of its ingredients sourced from North America and a partnership with 1% for the Planet, Promix isn't just about personal health; it's about contributing to a healthier planet. Produced in facilities adhering to GMP standards, this whey isolate is a top choice for those who prioritize cleanliness in their supplements and ethical responsibility.


  • It is made with whole-food-based ingredients, ensuring high purity and quality.
  • It is free from gluten, soy, GMOs, hormones, and artificial additives, making it a clean protein choice.
  • It contains natural antioxidants and healthy fats from grass-fed whey.
  • Ethically sourced with 94% of ingredients from North America and a commitment to environmental sustainability.
  • Hefty 6.8g of BCAA’s per serving, promoting muscle protein synthesis


  • It’s more expensive than other alternatives due to high-quality, clean ingredients.


Best Budget Grass Fed Whey Protein: Nutricost

Nutricost grass fed whey protein


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Key Features

  • Serving size: 39 grams
  • Protein per serving: 30 grams (77%)
  • Price per serving: $1.41
  • Carbs: 3 grams
  • Fats: 5 grams
  • Suitable for vegans: No

When it comes to getting the most bang for your buck, Nutricost's Grass-Fed Whey Protein Isolate is the reigning champion in the realm of the best-budget protein powder category. Let's face it, who doesn't love a good deal, especially when it doesn't compromise on quality?

This protein powder is like the superhero of budget-friendly supplements – it swoops in with 5LBS of grass-fed whey protein isolate per bottle, ensuring you won't run out anytime soon. The vanilla flavor is not just any vanilla; it's an undenatured, deliciously smooth experience that makes you question how something so good can be so affordable.

Nutricost understands that 'budget' doesn't mean cutting corners on health. That's why their whey protein is rBGH-free, non-GMO, and gluten-free, with natural flavors and sweeteners. It's like they're saying, "We care about your muscles and your wallet."

Made in a GMP-compliant, FDA-registered facility, Nutricost ensures that every scoop is as safe as it is effective. It's the kind of protein powder that makes you want to flex your muscles and be financially savvy at the same time.


  • Excellent value with 5LBS per bottle, making it a cost-effective choice.
  • The delicious vanilla flavor comes from natural sources and appeals to taste buds.
  • Huge 30g of protein per serving
  • rBGH-free, non-GMO, and gluten-free, catering to health-conscious consumers.
  • It is produced in a GMP-compliant, FDA-registered facility, ensuring product safety and quality.


  • It has limited flavor options, with only vanilla, chocolate, and unflavored options available.
  • The initial outlay is more, but you save lots of money in the longer run


Best Lactose-Free Grass Fed Whey Protein: Muscle Feast

Muscle feast whey protein isolate


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Key Features

  • Serving size: 24 grams
  • Protein per serving:5 grams (85%)
  • Price per serving: $1.59
  • Carbs: 1 grams
  • Fats: 1 grams
  • Suitable for vegans: No

Muscle Feast's Grass-Fed Whey Protein Isolate stands out in the lactose-free category, which is perfect for those who want to enjoy protein shakes without the discomfort of lactose. This protein powder is a game-changer for anyone looking for an easy dairy protein option on the stomach.

Muscle Feast prioritizes purity and health. Their whey is sourced from pasture-raised cows and is free from rBST and rBGH, ensuring a natural and wholesome product. Each serving packs 20g of protein and 4.6g of BCAAs, providing essential amino acids for optimal protein synthesis.

This protein powder is an excellent choice for those monitoring their macros, being low in carbs and calories. It's sweetened with stevia, avoiding artificial sweeteners, making it ideal for health-conscious individuals and those keeping dieting in a calorie deficit. Additionally, it's gluten-free and Orthodox Union Kosher Certified for Dairy.

While Muscle Feast is updating its labels to reflect its certification by the American Vegetarian Association, the quality and composition of the product remain consistent. Regardless of the label, you get a high-quality, lactose-free protein powder.


  • It mixes well.
  • It does not bloat or cause digestive issues.
  • Lactose-free, gluten-free, and sweetened with stevia, catering to various dietary needs.
  • It is low in carbs and calories and suitable for those watching their calorie intake
  • It’s got a mid-range price point


  • Stevia sweetening might not suit everyone's palate.


Best Organic Grass Fed Whey Protein: Garden Of Life

Garden of life grass fed whey protein powder - organic


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Key Features

  • Serving size:5 grams
  • Protein per serving: 21 grams (64%)
  • Price per serving: $3.19
  • Carbs: 7 grams
  • Fats: 2 grams
  • Suitable for vegans: No

For those in pursuit of a quality organic protein powder, Garden Of Life's Certified Organic Grass Fed Whey Protein is a standout choice. This isn't just any protein powder; it's a blend of top-notch organic ingredients, delivering 21 grams of muscle-building protein in a delectable Chocolate Peanut Butter flavor.

Garden Of Life goes beyond the basics with its whey protein. It's perfect for post-workout recovery, and for a low-calorie snack throughout the day, thanks to its 130 calories per serving. With 2 billion CFU of probiotic B. lactis, it ensures easy digestion, making it more than a protein shake. It's a gut-friendly, nutritional powerhouse.

The source of the whey is as vital as the whey itself. Garden Of Life uses milk from grass-fed cows pasture raised on California organic farms. These happy cows are American Humane Certified and are never treated with hormones or routine antibiotics, ensuring the purity and integrity of the protein.

What's more, this creamy goodness is cold-processed, a method that maintains the integrity of amino acids. It's a thoughtful approach to producing protein powder, ensuring every scoop is packed with the highest quality nutrients. Certified USDA Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Kosher, and American Humane Certified, this protein powder is a testament to Garden Of Life's commitment to quality and ethical practices.


  • It is certified organic, ensuring high-quality, clean ingredients.
  • It contains 21 grams of protein per serving, ideal for muscle building and recovery.
  • Includes probiotics for easy digestion and gut health.
  • Sourced from grass-fed, hormone-free, and antibiotic-free cows, promoting ethical farming practices.
  • Cold-processed to preserve amino acid integrity.


  • The unique Chocolate Peanut Butter flavor might only suit some taste preferences.
  • It’s the most expensive protein powder on our list


Benefits Of Grass Fed Protein

The type of protein you choose plays a pivotal role in fueling your body and enhancing your fitness regime. Grass-fed protein stands out in the world of supplements, offering unique benefits beyond just muscle building. Let's uncover why grass-fed protein is a superior choice for your health and workout goals.

  • Nutritional Superiority: Grass-fed whey protein boasts a richer nutritional profile than standard whey. It's packed with more omega-3 fatty acids, which boosts heart health, reduces inflammation, and sharpens brain function. Plus, it's high in conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), aiding in fat loss, muscle gain, and immune system support.
  • Rich in Antioxidants: This protein is a powerhouse of antioxidants, especially glutathione. This essential antioxidant is crucial for detoxifying the body and bolstering the immune system. It helps fight off free radicals' damaging effects, slowing aging and warding off various diseases.
  • Free from Hormones and Antibiotics: Grass-fed cows are healthier and less prone to illnesses, minimizing the need for antibiotics. They're also free from artificial growth hormones, making their whey protein a cleaner and healthier choice.
  • Eco-Friendly Choice: Opting for grass-fed whey protein supports environmentally sustainable dairy farming. This practice encourages biodiversity, reduces soil erosion, and contributes to healthier ecosystems.
  • Better Taste and Texture: Many users report that grass-fed whey protein tastes better and has a creamier texture than conventional whey. The natural diet of grass-fed cows results in a more flavorful and enjoyable protein powder.


The Final Say

In the quest for the best grass-fed whey protein, our journey through various categories has revealed a perfect match for every need and preference. From the pure and potent Legion Whey+ to the ethically sourced and organic Garden of Life, each product offers unique benefits, whether for those avoiding artificial sweeteners, seeking lactose-free options, or prioritizing environmental sustainability.

Remember, the right whey protein can significantly enhance your fitness journey, supporting muscle growth, recovery, and overall health. Choose wisely, and let your chosen whey protein be a valuable ally in achieving your health and fitness goals.

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