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Aspiration Leggings - Flamboyant Blue


Patterned Gym Leggings - Product Details

The aspiration leggings are the pattern leggings that will catch your eye. They have been designed to maintain their integrity whilst exercising, and at the same time offer maximum comfort with minimal distraction.

The colourful gym leggings offer a blend of materials that do not go see through when doing exercises such as squatting, unlike so many other thinner, less durable leggings on the market. Although thicker and more robust they still allow your body to stay cool and offer a smooth low-friction performance.


The aspiration printed leggings incorporate a high-waisted design which means leggings don't keep falling down and fit perfectly. They also offer a medium all round compression that supports your muscles but still allows a full range of movement and a naked sensation fit.


We have selected two initial designs to choose from. Different from each other, and others out there. Along with the eye-catching patterns, another key feature is the black stripe down the outer side of the leggings to extenuate your physique. We have created colours and designs that not only look good, but masks sweat patches. Topped off by our empowering logo on all our clothing items.

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