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Ambition, Dedication, Passion & Persistence.

Fitness Knowlegde X Gym Wear - it's what we do.
We provide you with the knowldge you require in order to build the physique you've always dreamt of, whilst supplying you with the latest gym wear so that you can feel and look your best throughout your journey. 
Robor Fitness supplies premium performance clothing to ambitious athletes and fitness enthusiasts at an affordable price point. We take great pride in our brand image and are all about working hard to achieve your goals. With ambition, dedication, passion, and persistence; anything is possible, there are no limits!
The Robor family welcomes everyone from a variety of different sporting disciplines, no matter what shape or size, everyone has to start from somewhere.
All our gym wear is made out of the highest grade materials, design and tested in-house to ensure the highest level of comfort is obtained for our customers.
 Founded in 2015 by two regular, twenty-year-old, fitness enthusiasts with a passion for our products and the fitness lifestyle. We here at Robor take pride in our business model; and the fact that we are part of the fitness industry.