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The Holiday Workout

September 02, 2016

holiday workout

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We all know the struggle of keeping our training progress on track whilst we take the yearly holiday abroad. We would rather not gain unwanted weight from over indulging on the amazing food you eat whilst away on holiday, but after all; you deserve to treat yourself. So we have given you some exercise ideas and workout tips you can use whilst away from your normal training routine to get the heart pumping, the metabolism ticking, and to burn them few extra calories you may be eating.

The exercises we have listed below do not require a gym or any equipment, as it’s not always possible to get into a gym. Just you, yourself and a bit of motivation.


Bodyweight squats

The squat is the king of all exercises; activating the quads, hamstrings, glutes and calves. Not only do they build bigger, stronger, more powerful legs; they increase hormone release – helping to build muscle. As a result of an increase in muscle mass the body can then begin to burn fat stores more effectively, it’s a win win.

The squat is one of the main 5 compound movements (Squat, Deadlift, Shoulder Press, Bench Press, Pull ups). Similar to the other compound movements, the squat requires more than one muscle group to work together to perform the exercise correctly, thus burning more calories in the process.

In addition, bodyweight squats can help to build core stability. The muscles in the abdominal area are needed to stabilise the body and keep balance throughout the movement pattern. As of regular abdominal work the abdominal muscles will increase in size and strength and become more visible when lower body fat percentages are obtained.  


A good alternative to the squat would be lunges. Again, lunges work the quads, the hamstrings and the glutes. Lunges would work well as a superset with bodyweight squats to really fatigue the legs.

Sets/Reps: Normal Sets: 4 x 15-30

                    Superset: 4 x 15-30 Squats, straight into 15-30 Lunges.


Bodyweight Press Ups

The press up replicates another one of the big 5 Compound Movements (Bench Press). Press ups work primarily the chest muscles but the shoulders and triceps also come into play. Similar to the squat, the press up uses more than one muscle group, burning more calories in the process.

The press up is one of the best movements for all round upper body conditioning, with chest shoulders and arms being worked together you are accounting for more than 60% off the upper body.

Close grip

As an alternative to the standard press up where the arms are shoulder width apart, you have the option to move the hands closer together (roughly 6 inches). This alternative changes the part of the muscle being used. A normal press up would target primarily the centre of the chest and a bit of the outer chest, whereas a close grip press up focuses more on the inner pectoral and the triceps.

The close grip press up is believed to be the harder of the two, but you can make your own mind up.

Sets/Reps: Press ups: 10-20

                    Close grip: 5-12


Sit ups

Sit ups target the abdominal muscles and are one of the easiest abdominal exercises to perform, yet they are one of the most effective. They are commonly performed to strengthen the core and sculpt tighter ripped abs. The sit up motion targets all areas of the core including the oblique’s and even the hip flexors; and is a great addition to any full body workout.


There are many different sit up variations that can be performed, one example is the crunch. Crunches are ideal when you physically can’t do any more complete sit ups, you can switch to the crunch to squeeze out them last few repetitions.

 Sets/Reps: 4 x Till failure



Whilst on holiday we’re probably not going to have the time to complete a long duration cardio session, tabata training is a quick intense cardio workout that has the ability to burn calories up to 12 hours after the workout is complete. If you’re not familiar with a tabata workout it’s a high intensity protocol training method that lasts anywhere between 8-16 minutes. For our example we will be doing the 12 minute workout (lets meet in the middle).

The tabata workout compromises 4 different exercises, you complete 20 seconds of the first exercise and then rest 10 seconds; then 20 seconds of the second exercise and rest 10 seconds; the same principle applies for the 3rd and 4th exercise. This will take you to 2 minute per round; you are to complete 6 rounds in the 12 minute tabata workout. Not only is this a very quick efficient way of burning calories, but once you become confident doing the workout, you can introduce different/more difficult exercises.


Example workout: Exercise 1: Burpees

                                  Exercise 2: Mountain Climbers

                                  Exercise 3: Ab crunches

                                  Exercise 4: Squat Jumps


We have focused on a whole body workout so that no muscle group becomes neglected whilst taking the summer break. The exercises have been chosen to burn calories in the most efficient way so that you can spend time enjoying the holiday. Give this work out a try and be sure to let us know how you get on! #TeamRobor  

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