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How do I Stay Motivated?

June 30, 2016

how do I stay motivated

How do I stay motivated? 

This is a question often hear asked around the gym in different forms, and so here are a few key tips on maintaining that motivation.

Obviously we are biased on this one, but there is truth in the saying "look good, train good." If you've got an awesome brand new pair of leggings or a new tank vest (courtesy of Robor Fitness of course) then you will be surprised how much it makes you want to get up of the sofa, stick the awesome new training gear on, and go kick some a**.

Online... if you are sat at home struggling for motivation to go and train, look online. There are so many inspiring stories of people just like you that are documented on forums,social media and youtube for you to draw strength and inspiration from... BUT stay focused, don't just surf the web pointlessly, find your motivation, draw energy from it then get out there! 

We are only human. Some days we just really aren't feeling it. You've done the hard part you've put your trainers on, and your at the gym/track/pool wherever it may be, BUT a tiny voice in your head is say "I can't be bothered!" What do you do? go home... NO! One of the best things you can do is to change something up, do something new or just different to your usual training regime. 

Music... create yourself a playlist I don't always train with music, so that times when i need that extra motivation to push my limits i can pop the headphones in and have a playlist full of hype songs to get me going.   

Progress... this is such a crucial yet simple one; look at how far you've come. Even if you've only just started on your own fitness journey, you are already better off than you were yesterday! We should set the bar high but this means we can get bogged down looking at the end goal, focus on how far you've come and just concentrate on a day at a time so as not to allow your end goal to intimidate you. Take progress photos or records of lap times, so that on days your not feeling it you can physically see your progress!


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