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Transition from 'Robur' to 'Robor'

August 11, 2015

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So you’re all probably wondering why the name has been ever so slightly changed. And in actual fact it was for more than one reason.


Firstly, within a few month of launching ‘Robur’ the brand was starting to gain recognition in the fitness industry and we began to hear brand name being pronounced wrong; after all, we want everyone to be able to say it if we’re going to be the leading fitness apparel brand! So changing the letter ‘u’ to ‘o’ makes it easier to read and pronounce (row-ber).


Secondly we wanted to re-brand as a premium gym apparel brand that only sells the highest quality clothing – giving our customers what they deserve. It is now essential for us to use the highest grade of materials in every product to ensure comfort and durability whilst you put yourself through your paces at the gym. All products have been tried and tested by the Robor Fitness team to ensure they meet expectations.


We are keeping the slogan #TheRoborWay as too many people now abide by it. The Robor way, was created as a slogan by us and represents a state of mind and physicality. Deriving from the definition of Robor above "The Robor Way" is a mindset that is shared by wearers of our products, and means to strive for improvement. To not accept average and push to be the strongest, hardworking version of you that you can possibly be. To be strong in mind not just in body, and have the will power to do what needs to be done to reach your goals.


We will also be keeping the slogan #FlauntYourGreatness. This is all about wearing our brand confidently, showing yourself off to show that everyone has to start from the same point in order to achieve their goals. It’s about flaunting the progress you have made and to show you will never settle for second best. 


We hope you like the new range and website and if you ever have any problems just drop us a line on the contact page or alternatively email . Happy shopping.


To show our appreciation we would like to offer you all 10% off your order. Enter the discount code ‘BLOG10’ at the checkout for 10% off your entire order, enjoy!